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Decorative Bath Towels That Will Beautify Your Bathroom Manifold

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jun 22, 2019
Decorative bath towels are indeed a mark of class and elegance, and are a great way of adding a hint of luxury to your bathroom. Read this information to know more.
Gone are the days when bathrooms used to be small rooms dedicated for the sole purpose of bathing. Today's bathrooms are enormous in size and have become an epitome of style, class and luxury. Obviously, bathroom accessories have also undergone a sea change.
Plain towels with a boring stripes pattern of are being replaced by decorative bath towels, which reflect the aesthetic taste of the home owner.
These beautiful decorative hand towels have found a place for themselves even outside the bathroom. What more, they have become a popular gift item for those seeking novelty.

Tips for Buying

Since decorative towels can up the style quotient of your bathroom (or any room for that matter), you should be very particular about the color scheme you select. It can be either in sync with the rest of the d├ęcor of the house or in contrast. You have several options when it comes to buying decorative towels.
You can either purchase very expensive Egyptian towels or you may invest in a couple of pristine white fluffy ones made from high quality material. The cost of these towels is always an issue of concern, since they rarely come at affordable prices. However, you may look for sales, discounts or you may even consider making them yourself.


Making decorative towels yourself is an inexpensive affair. All you need to do is buy your usual bath towel, preferably a plain one without any design pattern.
Also buy a decorative fabric for trimming, mostly heavy brocaded upholstery fabric. You will need to trim the fabric only at one end of the towel, since the other end will always remain folded.
Hence, buy fabric according to the measurements of a single end of the towel. If you wish you may also buy a contrasting braid to run across the edge of towel. Sew the braid and trim in zigzag fashion to the towel. Remove the fraying at the ends and give a nice finished touch to the towel.

Hanging Bath Towels

Folding the fabric is another aspect you need to pay attention to. Simply stacking it at the corner of the room, may not be always a good idea. Instead layer them or tie them artistically. You may also drape them or fold them in various shapes.
However, you may want to take into account the color combination of your bath towels, in order to hang them in the most exquisite manner. If you are stacking only a couple of white towels, then placing a colorful fresh flower may look extremely impressive. Also place a bottle of novelty shampoo or soap on top of the towel to treat your guests specially.

Towels as Gifts

These towels can be an extremely useful gift for people who are always on the lookout for ways to pamper themselves or their guests. You may embroider the name of the recipient or sew an appropriate picture on a beautiful bath towel.
They can also serve as ideal gift item for new mothers, with their baby's name embroidered on the towel. Decorative bath rugs is another luxury item you can gift to your loved ones.
You may place decorative bath towels on a heated towel rack to offer them to your guests at the end of a sumptuous meal. You probably cannot think of a better way to end a lavish extravaganza!