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Design Tips to Achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating Home

Passivenergy Jan 13, 2020
For your home to be deemed to meet 6-star rating requirements, it must have the least amount of thermal protection. To achieve this, you need to think of double-glazed windows, insulations, awnings and other physical inclusions that take into account the orientation of the house to maximize solar warming during the winter and air conditioning in summer.

What Is 6-Star Energy Rating?

A 6-star energy rating indicates a house’s thermal performance.It shows the amount of energy required for a comfortable temperature to be maintained in the home.The rating is administered by the HERS (the Home Energy Rating System) and a higher HERS figure shows that your home’s indoor temperature is comfortable and thus requires the least amount of energy.

What Is Assessed for a 6-Star Rated Home?

To achieve a 6-star energy rating, there are several factors that will need to be taken into account. 
Some of the things that will be considered are:
  • Lighting
  • Raw materials used to construct the house
  • Where the house is located
  • Window size location
  • Insulation
  • Ceiling fans
  • Floor covering

Why 6-Star Energy Rating?

The main use of the House Energy Rating Scheme is to have contractors and homeowners build houses that are more environment-friendly and which consume less energy for heating and cooling purposes.
On the other hand, a home with a rating of zero would require a lot of energy to feel comfortable.

How Can You Achieve the 6-Star Rating?

The first thing you need to do to make your house 6-star energy rating compliant is to hire a qualified assessor to evaluate your house plan for you as well as all other necessary documents.
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