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Bhakti Satalkar Nov 7, 2018
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If there isn't a dish drying rack in the kitchen, removing the moisture off plates, cups, and glasses gets difficult. In this HomeQuicks write up, we will learn about different racks, which can be used for dish drying.
Drying utensils during the winter months is often a headache. If one has an electric dish dryer or a rack, then this question does not arise. There are different models available for the purpose of drying utensils in the market. Most of them are to be placed on the kitchen countertops, but there are some that you can hang, place in the sink, or even fold.
Depending on your kitchen decor and the space available, you will have to choose the right one for your need. The benefits of using dish drying racks are many. You can save some money if you opt for a rack, rather than going in for electrical dryers. They do not have a maintenance cost, and they hardly take up any space.
So, they are highly convenient for those who have a small and compact kitchen. These racks are a boon for newlyweds, college students, etc., as they end up saving on energy bills and maintenance costs. For those who constantly want a clean kitchen, the folding variety is the best option, as this contraption can be folded and placed in cabinets after use.

Rack Reviews


The KitchenAid is a 3 piece drying rack, where along with the dishes, one can also dry a lot of kitchen cutlery and silverware as well. It has a large holding capacity along with a detachable caddy, self draining board, and soft non-slip feet. These features are necessary as they help keep your cutlery and silverware safe.

Progressive Collapsible Dish Drainer

This is a sink-in rack. It is apt for a small to medium size family, as you can just place about 8 regular-sized dishes and some small sized cookware in this rack at one time. It is collapsible, which makes storing very convenient.
There is a small utensil area, where smaller items can be placed in an upright manner, which ensures their faster drying. The biggest advantage this unit has over the others is that it can also be placed in the dishwasher.

Folding Dish Rack Steel - Better Houseware

This rack is equipped with a double cup capacity, which is helpful in not only drying dishes, but also, cups, glasses, saucers, etc. If one is cleaning bone china, then this unit comes in handy, due to amount of space available. When not in use, it can be folded down completely and stored away easily.
Compared to the white variant, it has been advised by many users that the platinum model is a better buy, due to added space. Due to it being lightweight and portable, this product is favored more than the rest.
When you are making your purchase, make sure you take into account the kind of utensils you have. There are some racks available in the market that are only capable of drying cookware, and some only for glasses or cups. Choose one depending on your needs, kitchen space, and budget, and not because it looks jazzy or has more features.
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