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DIY Tips for Apartment Maintenance

Muneeza Jamal Dec 25, 2019
Home maintenance is always a part of life when you are living in an apartment. It's good to maintain your apartment yourself. The daily observation and repairing can save money and time as well. Apartment maintenance is not a tough task, you don’t need to be a specialized or trainer. Here we are sharing some useful DIY tips for you to maintain your apartment

1. Leaky Toilets

Is your toilet leaking? You can find it out using a simple DIY tip. Just add a food color, preferably red, to your water tank. After an hour, visit the water bowl. If it’s pink, there is a water leakage. Water leaking can cause damage to the bathroom floor. It should be repaired immediately. Don’t worry, you can repair it at a low cost by changing flapper.

2. Air Conditioning

The maintenance of air conditioners is a costly task when we discuss about home maintenance. Regular inspection of your air conditioner is good way to ensure it works properly. Make sure to check out the condensation hose. Use a screen to cover the air conditioner. This will not only keep it free from debris but will also improve the air conditioner working.

3. Refrigerator

The door seals of your refrigerator need your attention. If the door opens easily, seals need to be replaced. Just visit the nearest repair store and buy new seals. Additionally, you should vacuum the refrigerator coils in its back, to remove dirt and dust. The dirty coils affect the efficiency of the refrigerator and stops it from cooling.

4. Roof

Inspect your roof periodically, specifically after season change. The regular check will help you to maintain the roof and avoid it from getting damaged. Damaged shingles should be replaced. Drainage outlets should be cleaned properly so that no water can stay on the roof causing algae growth. If you find any debris in gutters, try to remove it manually.

5. Repaint

Repainting your interiors will surely make your apartment look fresh and clean. But it’s a costly package. If you have leftover paint, use it to paint the dirty walls. The wall will look perfect when paint dries. It is an easy and DIY tip.

6. Change the Bulb

If the lights or bulbs of your apartment are not working, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Move towards the electric store and buy a bulb of the required wattage. Turn off the bulb switch and place a bulb there. Turn on the bulb and check out if it’s working. Keep the lights off when not needed in order to reduce energy costs.


If you have moved to a new Houston apartments, you will need to maintain it. There are apartment locator Houston sites through which you can find an apartment for settling in Houston. Fix it through the above mentioned DIY tips.