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Information About Home Alarm System

Dhanya Joy Nov 17, 2018
Securing your home with door and window alarms ensures personal safety and peace of mind. Installation of wireless home alarm systems are ideal for this purpose. Read on to find out more on that aspect.
With increasing crime rate, home security systems are becoming essential which safeguard the house from burglars, thieves, intruders and even fires.
There are 2 types of systems -
Monitored, where systems alert the call center when triggered, call center then alerts the authorities. Unmonitored, where alarm systems work by sounding a siren when triggered.
Both the systems can be either wired or wireless, and can be installed with different security system components like smoke and fire alarms, keypads, sensors, motion detectors, cameras, etc. Home security systems consist of components such as a control unit, an alarm, a panic button, and switches.

Door and Window Alarms

Home doors and windows are the two most likely entry points for burglars and intruders and, hence, need to be secured. Home security systems are installed on the doors and windows, and sound an alert when the doors and windows are forcefully opened.
The simplest type are those that are fitted along the door and window frames, with magnetic contact strips. If the contact is broken, an alert is sounded at the control panel or call center. They, in turn, alert the authorities.
Advanced technology has led to the invention of many innovative alarms, like the keypad type door and window alarm. This type of alarm is mounted near the door or window, and requires a code that activates and deactivates it. A doorstop is a common type of door alarm that is placed at the bottom of a door and sounds an alert when the door is opened.
Window alarm systems alert the residents in case the window is opened or tampered with, and in case of glass breakage and glass vibration as well. These systems not only prevent criminal intrusion but can also be helpful to keep unsupervised small children within the premises of their home.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems

This system is cost-effective and reliable and can be installed easily without the hassles of hard wiring. Their functioning is similar to that of wired alarm systems, the only difference is presence of main console in wireless systems.
These systems use transmitters that are battery-powered and a control panel enables the user to interact with the system. The components of the wireless system communicate with the main console through radio frequencies.
They may include components like sensors and motion detectors, that trigger an alarm and at the same time alert the control panel of the monitoring service. The control panel then alerts the law enforcement authorities.
Such systems need regular maintenance of batteries and sensors. They may also require repeaters (a device that receives and retransmits signals), depending upon the distance in which the sensors or motion detectors are placed.
They are also available in portable models that can be carried along, while traveling. They provide personal security and assistance in the case of an emergency. They also secure homes when the residents are out of their homes, on vacations or short trips, as this can be a time when burglary is very likely.
To secure your home and your peace of mind, make sure that you install alarm systems, preferably a wireless home alarm system, that is inexpensive and reliable.