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How to Hang Double Curtain Rods

Saptakee Sengupta Jun 18, 2019
Double curtain rods are your best bet when you want to hang multilayered draperies. With a few simple instructions, you can hang these in your home, in no time.
The beauty of a home is greatly dependent on the curtains it has on its doors and windows. Today, curtains are more about décor, than about utility. Simple, single-colored, and single-layered curtains are greatly uncommon now. It's all about being different.
You can achieve this different look by choosing multilayered curtains, and by playing around with their length, texture, and patterns. You can mix and match, and give your home a look that is new, every few months.
However, for multilayered curtains, you need double curtain rods. Installing these rods is a form of window treatment that can be put up easily with regular hardware supplies.


The material you need to install these curtains is available in upholstery stores, sometimes in the form of an entire kit. The process goes this way.
➤ Always measure your windows before buying a double curtain rod. This involves taking an accurate measurement of the window's width and length. Most probably you will get a kit along with the rods from the home improvement store itself.
➤ The tools required for installing the rods include the hammer, drill, screwdriver, awl, finishing nail, and drywall anchors.
➤ Now you have to decide the correct position for hanging the curtain and then fix the rods. Make sure the rods do not hamper movement of the window panes or the doors. The brackets need to be positioned in such a way that they will be symmetrical to the curtains once hanged. You can mark the position roughly with a pencil and ruler.
➤ The window will appear wider if the brackets are positioned at a considerable distance from each other. The brackets have holes in them from where the rods can be passed.
Fix these brackets into the wall with the help of screw drivers and pin them up with the help of nails. Before fixing the brackets, mark their position with a pencil.
➤ Secure them firmly with the nails so that they can withstand the weight of the curtain and the rod. Fix the rods into the brackets. Now, you can hang the curtains. The curtains are provided with hooks or they have pre-stitched loops through which the rods can be passed.
➤ The inside rod is usually shorter than the outside one. First, place the curtain on the shorter one and then on the longer one.
Since it's a double curtain rod, you should maintain a gap of at least 2 inches between the braces. Sometimes, even rods have wonderful designs on them. Choosing such rods will add to the beauty of your décor.