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Double Hung Window Repair

Double hung window repair is possible without a professional help, provided you are ready to invest some time. Here's how.
Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 6, 2018
Double hung windows are widely used. This is mainly because of the convenience associated with it. It conforms to all kinds of home designs. Sometimes, due to regular wear and tear, it stops functioning properly. As a result, the window falls shut all of a sudden. To restore the normal functioning of the window, you have to take up the task of window repair.

How to Repair a Double Hung Window

You do not require any specialized skills to repair a double hung window. What you need is some simple tools, and materials that are quite easily found in your house. These include a pry bar, screwdriver, utility knife, nylon sash rope, hammer, and finishing nails. Here's how you repair a double hung window.

Step 1

First of all, you have to remove the interior stops that hold the sash or the window frame in its position. You have to remove them from either side of the jamb (vertical sides of the fixed window frame). For this, you can use a small, flat pry bar or utility knife, as it will cause minimum damage to the stops.

Step 2

Cut the old sash cord from the bottom sash using a utility knife. Push the window frame in the outward direction and take the cord out. If the sash cord of the upper sash needs to be removed, then one of the parting strips that separate the outer and inner sash has to be removed.
The problem is when you try to remove these parting strips they tend to get broken. No matter how much you try, you cannot save them. In that case, you have to replace it with a new one.

Step 3

There is an access door located on the inside face of the window jamb that helps to pull out the weights more easily. Thus you do not have to remove the entire interior or exterior trim. This access door is held with a screw. You need a screwdriver to open the access panel. Once you have opened it, lift out the weights from the wall cavity.

Step 4

Check out if the pulleys have any old cord attached to it. If you find any, then remove it. Take a nylon rope of one-fourth inch thickness and use it to replace the old cord. Nylon cords are preferred for this purpose as they last longer.
Place the rope over each top pulley first, fasten the ends of the rope to the weights and place them back into the wall cavity. While doing this care should be taken that the weights sit properly at the bottom of the wall cavity.

Step 5

Finally, it's time to reassemble the window. To begin with, replace the top sash and nail the parting strip. It should be followed by replacement of the bottom sash. Check out the sliding action of the window if it is working properly or not. Hopefully, yes, which means that you have successfully repaired the window. Now you can replace the access panel too.
While repairing the window, spray some lubricating oil on the wheels of the pulley in order to make them smoother. After the repair, rub some wax on the edges of the window frames to ensure its smooth movement. If you have broken the parting strips while fixing the window, buy replacements of the same width and thickness from your local hardware store.