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Rodent Pest Control Methods

Dhanya Joy Apr 10, 2019
Getting rid of rodents, like mice and rats, is essential as they multiply rapidly and carry diseases. However, there are lots of pest control options available that you can choose from.
Rodents could create a big mess at home as well as an office. Pest control becomes necessary, even if there is a single rat or mouse around. They can cause structural damage as well as hamper the well-being of the employees or family members. They are unhygienic and their urine and droppings can cause various diseases.

Methods of Rodent Pest Control

Most of the methods of rodent elimination and control can be unpleasant. They include setting up of different types of traps like those given here:

Snap Traps

These are the most common type of rat traps, are made of made of wood and rate really low on the humanity scale.

Glue Traps

These are made of thin slabs of wood or cardboard that are covered with sticky glue. When the rats or mice run over it, they get stuck due to the glue and eventually die of starvation or suffocation.

Multi-catch Traps

These are useful in trapping more than one rodent and do not kill the rats. The trapped rodents will have to be set free, away from the area of infestation.
Another useful method is poison baits or rodenticides, that are easily available and effective too. They are available in different forms, like grain baits, sealed baits, etc. The baits should be properly placed at equal distances, preferably near the places where the rodents are living.
Pets, especially cats, can be very helpful in rodent elimination. There are also various commercial products and devices, like ultrasonic and electromagnetic rodent repellents available, that can be used for pest control.
An effective and reliable method is electronic rodent control devices. These are also safe compared to rodenticides and make it easier to dispose them appropriately.

Electronic Rodent Control

Electronic Rat Control Devices

These devices are convenient, easy to use. They can be placed in a home or office, by plugging them into an electrical socket. They emit sound waves of very high frequency, that are unbearable to the rodents, but are inaudible to humans, pets like cats and dogs. The discomforting sound waves force them to move away from the source it is being emitted from.

Electric Rat Killers

This is a type of electronic trap that traps rodents through baits. Once the rodent has been trapped, a high intensity electric charge is emitted by the trap and the rodent is killed. It can be disposed off without any human contact. Electric rat killers are portable and are multi-catch traps.
These devices have indicators that indicates when a rodent has been trapped and killed. They are considered to be a humane methods of pest control, since they kill the rodent quickly. They may be a bit expensive, compared to other methods of pest control, but rate high on effectiveness and reliability.