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7 Essential Tools You Need for Decorating a Cake at Home Itself

7 Essential Tools You Need for Decorating a Cake at Home
We needn't be professional pastry chefs to dole out artistically designed cakes. There are various tools available in the market, with the help of which even a novice can prepare a professional-looking cake. So, let's take a look at the basic tools that are needed for cake decoration.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Did You Know?
The most expensive wedding cake in the world costs a staggering £32.4 million. It's a six-tiered, one and a half meters tall cake containing 2,000 diamonds, which was prepared for the National Gay Wedding Show in early 2013.
While baking a cake calls for precision, decorating it calls for artistic skills. It's important to understand how fondant, buttercream, gum paste, ganache, etc., work. Once you've figured out the basics of icing, it's time to move on to the next level. To apply icing and various decorative elements, you need certain tools and supplies. With the right tools and a lot of practice, even a beginner can learn the art of decorating a cake to perfection.

However, if you peruse through the aisles with cake decorating supplies, the vast number of tools can leave you perplexed. In fact, many shun away from trying their hand at this particular skill, due to the large number of tools it calls for. On the contrary, cake decoration can be carried out with a handful of basic equipment. The cake decorating sector has become a lucrative one, which is why numerous tools keep getting introduced into the market. Let's take a look at some must-have cake decorating supplies, with which you can begin this journey of cake art!
Basic Tools for Cake Decoration
Piping Bags and Nozzles
Piping bags
Conical-shaped piping bags make excellent cake decorating supplies, if fitted with an appropriate tip. In fact, it's nothing less than a wonder what a simple bag and nozzle can do! Disposable piping bags are also available, saving you from the trouble of washing and storing. Piping nozzles or tips come with certain numbers imprinted on them, which signify their use. Inserting a coupler into the bag helps change tips without having to change the bag, thereby, making piping easier.
For floral decorations, there are leaf tips, rosette tips, drop flower tips, etc. Then there are different tips for writing and creating various patterns on the cakes. Choose the tips according to your preference; however, buying a complete set will give you a variety of nozzles to work with.
Lazy Susan/Revolving Cake Stand
Cake stand
A turntable or revolving cake stand is an essential decorating tool to any cake artist. It's a tool that allows you to frost the cake evenly, and decorate it with ease. It also enables you to view the high spots of the cake. A Lazy Susan can also be used; however, it's definitely not sturdy. If you're into baking simple single-tiered cakes, then a Lazy Susan should do fine; however, if you're looking to bake on a more serious note, then it's better to invest in a sturdy turntable.
Again, turntables are available in various shapes and sizes, so choose according to the kind of baking you're going to do.
Cake Boards
Cake board
A cake board forms the base of your cake. It's what helps you transfer the cake from your turntable to its final destination. If you're planning to make tiered cakes, again these cardboard shapes form a sturdy base. Cake boards are available in different shapes, from circular, squarish, rectangular, triangular, to hexagonal, oval, heart-shaped, etc.
The size of the cake board (width and depth) required will vary depending on the size of cake you're planning to bake. Moreover, since they come in silver and gold colors, they complement the cake well.
Palette Knives
If you're planning to frost your cake, it's important to get hold of a palette knife. There are various kinds available. Offset spatulas are thin, ruler-like, stainless steel spatulas that are perfect for spreading frosting and icing onto the cake. They are easy to handle and smoothen the surface of cakes with ease. Palette knives can also be used to free the sides of the cake from the baking pan.
Besides these slim spatulas, there are the straight icing spatulas that can also be used to spread icing on the cake. Moreover, the broader, wedge-shaped spatulas can be used to transfer the cake to the cake board or stand. Try out different shapes and sizes, and find out which one suits your needs.
Serrated Knives
Serrated knife
With the help of the ridges in a serrated knife, you can easily slice a cake into two equal halves to prepare a layered cake, without damaging it. These knives are perfect for less dense cakes like Bundt cakes, angel food cakes, etc. However, if you're preparing a cheesecake, it's better to use the regular knife. You can also use this knife to cut through birthday or wedding cakes.
Just pressing this knife into the cake gives you lovely neat slices of cake (make sure the knife is warm). A serrated knife can also be used to make chocolate shavings, required to decorate the cake or to chop through a block of chocolate.
Cake Pans
Cake pan
Cake pans can also be classified as a decorating equipment, simply because the shape of the cake is the first step towards its overall appearance. Moreover, the shape and style of your cake give direction to the type of decoration.
There are various kinds of cake pans available, right from the circular, square, oval, heart-shaped, etc., to tins for Bundt cakes, etc. Silicone cake pans are available; however, they don't hold their shape during baking, which is why they aren't preferred. Purchase good quality, metal cake pans with straight sides. These are not only durable, but also allow the batter to bake evenly.
Other Basic Tools
Cake decorating tools
There are some other tools that are essential for decorating a cake. For example, a rolling pin is important to roll out the fondant. Rolling pins without handles are ideal; however, if you already have one with handles, it can also be used. Then, there are pastry cutters that can be used to cut fondant. If you're working with fondant, you will need some fondant modeling tools, which will help you give your flowers and leaves their realistic look.
Then there are various fondant cutters that are used to cut basic designs from the fondant, which are then worked upon with fondant modeling tools. Pastry brushes are also required to apply gel color or glitter dusting onto the icing. These brushes can also be used to apply icing on cupcakes, etc.
To make things simpler, you can purchase the already-assembled cake decorating kit, which contains the basic tools. As you continue to work with these tools, you will gain a better understanding of their applications. Expand your cake decorating collection depending on your requirement.
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