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Eyeglass Lens Repair

Mamta Mule Nov 30, 2018
Eyeglass lens repair is an easy task which you can do yourself and get rid of those scratches. Here's a guide for removing those scratches from glass, plastic and polycarbonate lens.
Eyeglasses are much prone to getting scratched or damaged in other ways. No matter, if you handle it with optimum care, those small scratches are just unavoidable.
You might be having an ultimate looking expensive frame with the best type of lenses, but the scratches can lead to unclear vision and if ignored, these can further increase the eye problems. While some use the eyeglasses for vision correction, some just put on these for adding style.
Whatever may be the reason of using these, you must fix eyeglass scratches on time. So, you might just go to the optician for lens scratch repair and pay him the charges. The eyeglass lens repair can be done at home by yourself. Yes, be it a plastic, glass or polycarbonate lens, you can definitely have the scratches cleared off. Here's how.

Repair the Lenses

Before you start reading the procedure, make sure you check the lens' warranty period. Most of the lenses come with warranty of a year. If the duration is not yet over, simply take the eyeglass to the optician.
It is also a good idea to get the lens replaced instead of repairing it, if there is replacement warranty. Remember that trying to remove the scratches yourself will make the warranty void. So first check the warranty period. Let's move on to know about the ways to repair the lens.

For Glass or Polycarbonate Lens

Start with your toothpaste. Take a pea-sized amount of your regular toothpaste and apply it on the lenses. Make sure you use a clean, soft cotton cloth for this purpose. Rub it into the scratches using the same cloth. Leave it for some time on the lenses.
Now, take a clean and soft cotton cloth, dampen it with cold water and use it for cleaning the lens. Once the toothpaste is removed completely, take a dry piece of soft cloth and dry the lenses. Hold the eyeglass in front of the light source and check whether all the scratches are cleared.

For Plastic Lens

Start by cleaning the lens thoroughly using a damp cloth. Make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Dry it using a dry, soft cloth. Apply etching cream over the lenses using a cotton swab. Make sure it covers all the scratches of both the lenses for best results. Now take a clean, cotton cloth, dampen it with cold water and use it to clean the lenses thoroughly.
Apart from these methods, you can also purchase a repair kit. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and use it to perfectly repair the scratches. Though repair is an easy task, you might not always get the desired results. In major cases, it is best to replace the lens and enjoy proper vision.
Eyeglass lens replacement is a tricky task, best to be done by a professional, as slightly wrong alignment can lead to improper or blurred vision. Following the right methods of cleaning eyeglasses such as using soft cotton cloth, handling it with care and placing it in the case when unused is best way to keep the lens scratch-free.