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Homemade Fly Traps

Narayani Karthik Jun 9, 2019
Having flies buzzing all around the house can be quite annoying. It is also a matter of hygienic concern. Let's see how to make some homemade fly traps to get rid of these pests
Houseflies, fruit flies, and insects are a big time nuisance. They come, feast on sweets and left over foods, buzz around spreading unhygienic conditions, and fly in glory all over your home. In short they drive you crazy.
One of the pest control exercises is pesticide spray. But then, sprays are harmful health wise. Also, buying fly traps from the market is an expensive affair nowadays.

Making Homemade Fly Traps

Using Vinegar

One of the ways to get rid of fruit flies is to use vinegar. Following are the steps:
  • Take any empty fruit jar or milk bottle. Rinse it thoroughly and let it dry completely.
  • Prepare a mixture of sugar(½ cup), white vinegar (½ cup), and water (2 cups). Fill the dried empty jar with this mixture up to ¾th of it.
  • Pierce moderately large holes on the lid of the jar. The holes should be just a little big enough for the flies to enter.
  • Place the jar outside the kitchen. The unwelcome guests will be attracted to the mixture and will get inside the jar and will get trapped for good!
One can also use syrup instead of sugar and apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar.

With Plastic Bottle

Making fly traps with plastic bottle is also an effective way of getting rid of fruit flies naturally. Following are the steps:
  • Take an empty plastic bottle, preferably a 2 liter one with a screw lid.
  • Cut the top portion of the bottle using a knife and remove the cap.
  • Now invert the cut top portion inside the bottle which makes it look more like a funnel. Stick it tight with the rest of the bottle using a duct tape.
  • Make holes on the funnel top with knife and insert a string through the holes.
  • Place some bait inside the bottle which can be some confectionery left overs. Hang the trap in the area that is most visited by flies. The flies will immediately get trapped once they sit on the funnel to catch the bait.

Using Honey

One of the simplest form of fly traps is to take an empty cardboard milk container, a toilet paper roll, glue, and honey.
  • Unfold the top of the cardboard milk container. Glue the toilet paper roll to the bottom of the container.
  • After a few minutes, spread some honey on the glued paper.
  • So once the fly is attracted to the sweet honey, it gets stuck in the trap.

With a Tumbler

Following are the steps:
  • Take a tumbler and pour some sugar syrup in it.
  • Cover the tumbler with a plastic sheet and apply a rubber band to it.
  • Make some holes into the plastic sheet. Now your homemade fly trap is ready to use.
Apart from these, another idea is to use an empty dry soda bottle, empty paper towel roll, and a straw. Cut a portion out of the paper towel roll and stuff it at the opening of the bottle so that there is only space for straw to pass through. Put some jelly inside the straw. Flies try to crawl inside the straw and get entangled in the jelly.
In some cases, a combination of sugar and soap together make a good bait to catch bigger flies. The smell of sugar immediately attracts the flies and the soap greases the wings thereby making the fly drown in the solution. Rotting meat is also used as a bait to attract flies in homemade fly traps.
With the aforementioned methods of getting rid of fruit flies in the house, pest control activity is bound to get easy for you. Now, when flies decide to attack your kitchen, you have your simple homemade fly traps ready to counter attack and render them defenseless.
Disclaimer: This post is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.