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Food Grade Mineral Oil

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 8, 2018
Do you wish to season your kitchen woodwork with food grade mineral oil? Read on to know how you can do that!
Kitchen furniture and appliances have to withstand extreme temperature and humidity variations. Besides, these items are often subjected to splashes of spice curries, staining, etc. Obviously, bacterial growth takes place very easily on these appliances and furniture pieces.
A coat of food grade mineral oil can help you seal the wood and prevent any bacterial growth on its surface. Besides, you can also prevent it from getting stained in the first place.

What is Food Grade Mineral Oil?

Food grade mineral oil is a petroleum derivative. Petroleum products are classified according to the degree and process of refining, as well as the compounds added or removed from it. Food grade mineral oil has to meet or exceed certain requirements set by the FDA.
One of the most important requirements is that it must be safe for direct or indirect contact with food. Direct contact with food includes coating of baking tins and trays, while indirect contact includes things like lubrication of plants in bakeries.
Besides, there must not be any contamination at the processing and packaging site of the final product. The edible stage in petroleum refining is thus called food grade mineral oil.


It has myriad different uses in the kitchen and the rest of the house. Its use as a laxative is well-known. It slows down the absorption of water from stool inside the bowel. This renders a soft texture to stools, and relieves constipation. Other recommendable uses in the kitchen include sealing wooden implements and making them stain-resistant.

Where to Find It?

It is available at almost any drug store. However, the one available at these stores is mostly meant to be used as a laxative, and nothing else. Although there is no harm in using this type for seasoning your wooden chopping boards, you can find the specialized variety at woodcraft stores.
You only need to wipe the wooden surface with a washcloth soaked in the oil to seal the pores. Wipe off excess oil with a dry washcloth. This process makes your woodwork stain- and heat-resistant, and also protects it from fungal and bacterial growth.
Any store that sells wooden knife blocks and butcher blocks also more often than not stocks food grade mineral oil designed for seasoning. An online retail store is yet another place where you can find it.


If you are wary of using any petroleum products in your kitchen or you are concerned about the dangers of mineral oil, you can look for the alternatives. Some edible oils can do its job when it comes to seasoning and protecting the woodwork.
Tung oil and walnut oil are a good options. Tung oil is more viscous than walnut oil, hence its application may be a bit difficult. Walnut oil, on the other hand, is very easy to apply, and provides the best results.
However, avoid buying walnut oil from supermarkets, as this particular variety tends to get rancid. The one found in woodcraft stores is often of better quality and serves the purpose well.
Food grade mineral oil is entirely safe for use in your kitchen. So, as soon as you buy a new wooden item in your kitchen, season it with it to extend its life.