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How to Use a Fruit Dehydrator

A Self-explanatory Guide on How to Use a Fruit Dehydrator Easily

This article gives you some basic knowledge of using a fruit dehydrator along with some possible advantages and disadvantages of eating dried fruits.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Dehydrating Peaches
A small appliance which is used for drying fresh fruits is called a fruit dehydrator. This kitchen appliance is available in various sizes. You can use it for not only drying fruits, but also vegetables and meats. Air is heated up gently and blown through a food drying area, located inside the dehydrator. It can take several hours to several days for drying a juicy fruit adequately, enough for proper preservation.


Before putting fruits inside a dehydrator, wash them thoroughly with water. Core fruits if necessary, specially fruits like apples, to remove seeds. There are some fruits which you need not to core, you can simply cut or slice them with uniformity. Uniformity will ensure that all the fruit slices dry at the same time. Now, peel the fruits. Many people skip this step. Don't consider skipping this step as peeled fruits take shorter time to dry than the fruits which have not been peeled. Add a small amount of lemon juice to the fruit slices. Lemon juice will prevent the fruits from getting dark when kept for a long period of time. You may also use vinegar to meet the purpose, but the result will be better with lemon juice.

You will find drying trays in the dehydrator. Place the ready fruit slices in a single layer on individual drying trays. Do not place even a single fruit slice over another. If you do, the fruit slices may end up with spots that are not dried completely, or even overlapping spots. A dehydrator usually comes with a booklet which contains information on drying time different fruits require. When the slices of fruit have reached the desired dryness, they are ready to be served or stored.

Pros and Cons

You must be aware of the importance of fruits for your health. By providing vitamins, minerals, and fibers, they prevent early aging, reduce the risk of cancer, and even promote weight loss. Fresh or dried, fruits boost your health in one way or another. Perhaps, this is the reason why fruit dehydrators are gaining popularity so fast. But the question is whether dried fruits are as good as fresh fruits.

When you dry a fruit, the process of dehydration removes water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and B, and minerals like potassium along with water. Since a dried fruit does not provide these vitamins and minerals, it does not benefit you the way a fresh fruit does. Secondly, with the removal of water from the fruit, the sugar in it gets more concentrated. This means that you consume more calories from a dried fruit than its fresh counterpart. Thus, you can say that the nutritional value of a dried fruit is lesser. However, a dried fruit gives you the same amount of fiber and roughage as its fresh counterpart does. They can be stored for as long as a year. It means that you can have your choice of fruit any time of any season. You can actually replace unhealthy snacks with dried fruits, and prevent yourself from unnecessary health issues.

Thus, there are both advantages and disadvantages of having dried fruits. Eating dried fruits would not cause harm to your health, but it will also not benefit you as much as a fresh fruit. If you wish to have dried fruits, make it a point that you do not replace your required intake of fresh fruits.