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Furniture Donation Pick Up Services

Mamta Mule Jun 30, 2019
Furniture donation pick up services help you transport heavy and large pieces of old furniture that you wish to donate to a charity. Here's more about the procedure.
Many people opt to donate unused and extra furniture pieces to a charity. Charity organizations distribute these donated goods to the poor people in local areas. Some charities sell these goods at low prices for fundraising through thrift stores to help the needy.
Finding a charity and transporting your large furniture pieces to their office might become a tough task. This often leads to people dumping them in their store rooms or backyards. Others plan to renovate it and convert into a new piece.

Why Donate Old Furniture?

Well, most of you might be wondering, "why donate furniture when it can be refurbished and reused or simply discarded?". While you might refinish it once, the next time you are sure to end up spending more. Selling it instead of donating, might not give you good returns even after spending on the advertisements.
Donating it to a charity will not only save your money, but will also help the low income individuals use it. Like a poor kid who sleeps on floor can have a calm sleep on a bed donated by you. Also, instead of discarding it or dumping it in the store rooms, a serviceable piece can be used by people who can't afford to buy it.

Pick Up Service

There are a number of pick up services available for conveniently transporting donated furniture to the charities right from your door step.
You can simply browse through the web to get a directory of suck pick up services and call up the nearest and best ones. These service providers have pick up facilities in various areas and you need to contact the nearest office.
These services do not charge you and help transport your goods and redistribute them. Most commonly, a form is to be filled online to request a pick up service. You can also arrange for a pick up service over the telephone. Remember that all the items might not be accepted as the charities have some rules and policies.


When you plan to donate used furniture there are a few things to remember. Firstly, sort the items to be donated. Remember that only those pieces which are in good condition must be donated. Broken, ripped, and damaged pieces should not be donated.
Ensure that the items which you donate are in usable condition. If a piece of furniture is in such a condition that it can't be used by anyone, better discard it and not call the charity. The charity organizations have to spend money for donation pick up services, even if they do not charge you for the same.
Moreover, they also need to pay the labors and maintain the items during the storage and distribution process. So, only the pieces that are in serviceable condition will be picked by them.
It is best to get your furniture ready, before you request for a pick up. You must clear the stains, repair minor damages, and if possible paint it anew. Also, clean it properly to make it a 'ready-to-use' piece.
If possible, add those extras which go well with the it, like pillows with sofas and mattress covers with mattresses. Wardrobes, chairs, tables, sofas, dressing table, wall units, beds, side tables, etc., made of various material can be donated.
You can also donate other items, as long as they are accepted. You can donate goods like a television set, electrical appliances, exercise equipment, mattress, toys, and clothing as well. Donation pick up is definitely an ultimate service for the donors as well as the needy individuals. So, make a difference with your furniture!