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Garbage Disposal Removal

4 Steps to Make Herculean Task of Garbage Disposal Removal Easy

Garbage disposal removal is not a very tough task, provided you have some plumbing and electrical skills, and some basic tools to help you. After you have that in hand, you can refer to the following article for some tips on removing the same.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The garbage disposal system has become an integral part of a modern kitchen. It is a device placed underneath the kitchen sink in between the drain and the trap in order to shred all the food waste that gets thrown into the sink such that it can easily flow out of the drain. This appliance runs on electricity and lasts for many years without any trouble.
Over a period of time, however, the parts made of metal may start to rust, its motor may wear out, and/or the blades may lose their sharpness. As a result, large chunks of food waste will get discharged into the sewer system, and this in turn may result in a clogged kitchen sink. In such a situation, removing the garbage disposal is the only way in which you can prevent any serious problems from occurring in the sewer system.
Basically, this process requires two simple tools. One is a standard screwdriver found in almost every household, and the other is a pipe wrench. Once these have been procured, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.
Step#1: Disconnect the power supply. To be on the safe side, shut it off from the main service panel of your home. Also, close off the water connection of the pipe under the sink.
Step#2: The main drain pipe has to be removed from the device by unscrewing the connection. After this is done, pull down the drain pipe slowly, such that it comes out of the main device and then place it on the side. Place a bucket under the sink so that the debris from inside the drain pipe can be released. If there is a dishwasher attached to the drain pipe, it has to be removed too. Take a pair of pliers to open the spring clamp that fixes the dishwasher tube with the drain pipe and pull out.
Step#3: Next, separate the disposal unit from its mounting assembly or frame. Hold the device from the underside with one hand and unscrew the mounting nuts with the help of a screw driver. After removing the nuts, turn the mounting in the anticlockwise direction to remove the disposal unit. If you find that it is still stuck to the frame, tap the coupler lightly with a small rubber mallet and it will come out.
Step#4: After disengaging the disposal from its mounting, turn it upside down to remove the electrical cover plate attached to its bottom. Remove the screws and the wire nuts attached to the body of the device. Then remove the wire connectors and the wires attached to it. Finally, pull out the cable from the disposal unit. To ensure safety, you can first test the individual wires with a voltage tester to check that there is no current, and then proceed with the removal of the same.
If you have thoroughly inspected the entire device beforehand and are aware of its wire connections, then you can finish off the job in a matter of an hour or so. Once you have removed the disposal, you have to install a new one in its place. If the model of the new garbage disposal is the same as the old one, then you do not have to change the mounting hardware. Otherwise, you have to remove the old mounting assembly and sink flange, and install new ones.
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