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Types of Garlic Peelers to Choose from to Make Your Work Easy

Say goodbye to tedious peeling; we introduce alternatives that'll take the trouble out of peeling garlic, making this a quick, easy task to perform. Let's take a look at the different kinds of garlic peelers available.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Using garlic in its whole form is undoubtedly better, where it lends dishes a strong, aromatic flavor and finish. While peeling each clove separately is a time-consuming and often frustrating task, a garlic peeler can do wonders to make things a lot easier. This kitchen staple is a must-have for those who love using garlic in their dishes. Want to turn into a garlic-oholic? Buy one of these peelers and you'll never have to worry about peeling garlic, ever again.
Garlic Peeler Options
Silicone-Rubber Peeler
There's an intriguing range of silicone-based peelers that are worth looking into; their abstract shapes and neon colors, are enough to make you go, "wow!". If you can find one of these goodies, you'll be peeling garlic all day long. They're easy to use, totally dishwasher-friendly, nonstick, lightweight, and FDA-approved. What more does a cook need?
Using this peeler will turn you into a garlic-eating convert, once you give it a go. For the tube version, all you have to do is place a bulb of garlic within the flexible rubber enclosure, gently rolling it on a surface using the palm of your hand, while it deftly skins the garlic. It doesn't leave it bruised once the skin peels away.
Garlic Press
Available in stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic, this peeler resembles an everyday lemon squeezer. In mere seconds, it produces crushed or minced garlic. The little cavity within the piston allows the garlic to come away easily sans skin, giving you quite a handy tool to keep in the kitchen. Chefs grimace when it comes to using this mechanism, because it takes away the garlic's flavorful essence. But if you prefer using one, go ahead and do so. If it doesn't meet your palate's standards, switch to whole cloves that you can directly chop or mince by hand, after using the sort of peeler that leaves them intact.
Electric Peeler
This is probably the lazy person's solution to garlic-peeling. As the name suggests, an electric peeler allows the user to dunk garlic bulbs into an opening, where the skin comes off before you can say your own name. This nifty gadget can be used for other purposes if it has a multifunction option, which you'll need to confirm by checking the product's information.