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German Wine Glasses

Whatever you'd like to know about German wine glasses, you're likely to find here. Take a look.
Tilottama Chatterjee Dec 1, 2018
Think about Germany, and you would be thinking about beer, Michael Ballack, bratwurst, German shepherds, the autobahn, black forest cake, and BMW depending on your leanings. However, did you know that some of the world's best glassware come from the Deutsch?
German wine glasses are known not only for their elegance and beauty, but also for their superb craftsmanship that elevates a wine drinking experience from pleasant to extraordinary. To the connoisseurs, drinking wine is an art as well as science. It requires the right atmosphere and certainly the right receptacles for service.
The glasses for this purpose come in specific sizes and shapes. Each is meant to enhance the inherent qualities of the wine it holds, with scientific backing to add practicality to theory.

Green-Stemmed Wine Glasses

You'll find that these traditionally have a green stem which is typically ridged, with a plain, green-colored base. Commonly used on Rhine cruises, these are also known as Roemer glasses.
Shaped more like goblets, such glasses typically have a wide bowl, a broad stem, and come in sizes that hold 3.5 or 6.8 fluid ounces. Many manufacturers will also offer etched stemware. Should you so desire, you could also get fill level marks engraved.

German Crystal Wine Glasses

A number of companies offer crystalware to lend the edge of sophistication to any dinner service. Advancements in technology mean that many of these glasses are unbreakable and scratch-resistant. This comes as a distinct plus when it comes to the main risk of easy breakage in case of crystalware.
Such stemware, from companies like Schott Zwiesel for instance, are not only endowed with these qualities, but are also dishwasher-safe. This makes it particularly suitable for home use as well as professional catering services. The price differential is compensated by means of enviable durability.

Antique German Wine Glasses

If you're looking for these, you may have to hunt through a few dealers to find a worthwhile set, though eBay and Amazon might offer some good deals. Antique glasses make a great addition to a vintage collection. You may also find some German Roemer glasses that qualify as vintage to add value; pair them with a decanter for a lovely wedding gift.
When you're shopping for wine accessories particularly online, take care to verify the manufacturer's authenticity. While companies like Schott Zwiesel, Riedel and Stölzle might be high-priced options, they'll come with the guarantee of quality products that are worth the investment.
Many high-end fine dining restaurants and hotels use glassware from these companies because of the superior drinking experience they offer not only for wine, but spirits too. The price differential delivers a far superior experience which many professionals feel is very much worth it.