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Get the Long Term Stains off Your Floor

Simple solutions for making your floors look like they're brand new again!
Carol Evenson Sep 20, 2019
There are few things on the planet that can plague the subconscious mind like stains around your home that you just can't get out. Particularly, removing grout stains can be very tricky. This is a very common issue that many households face.
Do you find yourself stuck and disappointed after buying the most expensive cleaning products that are labeled with claims to do miracles? You scrubbed and scrubbed, and yet you couldn’t get any real headway against those blemishes.
You may be asking yourself, "What in the world can I do to fix this?". Maybe this isn't a concern for you, maybe you just want to know about healthier solutions. You would like to go natural while getting those stubborn stains out of your grout.
No matter your particular preference may be, we’re here to help! Check-out these tips and tricks on how you can get stains removed and your grout looking brand new!

Powerful Solutions that Do the Trick

If you need a product that is powerful, then we’ve got you covered. Have you ever thought about using a toilet bowl cleaner? For convenient and undeniable results, toilet bowl cleaner can get the job done! Heck, if it can remove mold, and mildew stains, all while fighting calcium and limescale, it should be able to remove those tough grout stains.
Of course, the better the quality of the toilet bowl cleaner the better the results. So it helps to find one that has the best reviews and ratings. No matter how impossible the stains are, you can be sure that you will have dramatic results the first time around. If you decide to repeat this cleaning process you may find the results to be quite impressive!
Toilet bowl cleaner is a great solution to your cruddy grout problem, if you’ve never tried it, it is truly something to consider! If you’d like to use a powerful but less stringent option, consider using peroxide and baking soda! This is a powerful duo that will make your tiles light again.
As you know that peroxide is less harsh than bleach. You won’t have to worry about the powerful fumes in the air, even when mixed with baking soda. It will oxidize nicely in order to get you the white clean appearance that you once Baking soda is a perfect pairing for a mild and effective solution.
Just in case you’re convinced that natural cleaning products will disappoint when it comes to cleaning your tiles, you may want to think twice. Not only are there more options than ever to choose from, but many customers are leaving raving reviews. Some receiving 5-star ratings!
Reviews like “This stuff absolutely rocks!” and “Works as Promised” are just a few claims made. If you’re considering the green route, you will also be happy to know that some of them are usable on almost any type of flooring!
Before we get into the steps on how to use each solution, we want to warn you to use caution. No matter the solution you decide to use, you should always take precautions. Heavy gloves and perhaps a facial mask would suffice.
Also making sure that you have the proper ventilation in your space is important as well. It also helps to be aware of how the product can transfer whether on your shoes, clothes, are carpet for optimum safety.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Step 1: Mop your floor with warm water only.
Step 2: Squeeze the toilet bowl cleaner wherever you can see grout and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour.
Step 3: Use a grout scrubber to scrub out the stains on the grout.
Step 4: Use a damp towel to remove the residue.
Step 5: Mop with hot water and repeat.

Peroxide & Baking Soda

Step 1: Mop your floor with warm water only
Step 2: Squeeze the toilet bowl cleaner wherever you can see grout and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour
Step 3: Use a grout scrubber to scrub out the stains on the grout
Step 4: Use a damp towel to remove the residue
Step 5: Mop with hot water and repeat

Natural Cleaning Products

You should use these products only as directed and keep in mind that it is still important to use caution. We hope that one of these ideas will work well for you. We hope we can put an end to the taunting of the grout stains for good. Not only will you be able to remove them, but you can maintain them!
What are you waiting to give one a try for the maximum grout cleaning experience!