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Excellent Ways of Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in the Kitchen

Shalu Bhatti May 13, 2019
Tired of shooing away the fruit flies in kitchen? Read on to know the effective ways of getting rid of them. Have a look...
Sick and tired of living with those fruit flies in your home? Where do fruit flies come from? Every time you shoo them, or kill them with a flap, you find double the numbers swarming over your fruits all over, especially in your kitchen area.
Getting rid of fruit flies in the kitchen becomes more important as they are a great threat to personal hygiene that needs to be maintained while cooking. Surely, you wouldn't want those fruit flies buzzing over your ingredients while you are preparing a wonderful meal for your family.
It is also very important to get rid of flies in kitchen as soon as possible because these fruit flies multiply really fast. Just one female can lay about 500 eggs at once, which grow up within a period of only 10 days!!! Yes, they are this fast. Therefore, act before they start breeding in your house, or your kitchen, in a full-fledged way.

Ways to Kill Fruit Flies in Kitchen

Do you know why your kitchen is the most favorite hot spot for fruit flies? Because your kitchen has the perfect moisture and warmth, along with a tremendous supply of food for the fruit flies to party on!
That's right, if your kitchen consists of a lot of garbage dump, unclean plates, left over foods, overripe fruits and vegetables, then you have laid a table and the fruit flies have come to eat, breed, and merry!

The Vinegar Trap

Getting rid of fruit flies in kitchen with vinegar is one of the best ways to kill them. It is a very simple technique which acts as a trap to kill fruit flies. All you need to do in order to get rid of fruit flies with vinegar, is to take a plastic jar or a bowl and fill it with apple cider vinegar.
Once you are done with that, you need to seal the container by placing a plastic lid or a plastic sheet on it. Make fine holes on the lid by using a sharp object like a safety pin or a compass.
The smell of the apple cider vinegar would attract the fruit flies to the vessel and they will enter it by the fine holes that you made. However, they won't be able to come out of the container and will end up drowning.

Use Your Oven

Another easy way to kill fruit flies in kitchen is to place an overripe fruit, be it banana, apple or papaya in your oven and leave the door open overnight.
When you enter your kitchen next morning, you will find that the fruit flies are busy partying on the snack that you left for them the other night. Gently and carefully close the door of the oven and heat it to 300 degrees. You have successfully roasted the fruit flies to death!!! Make sure that you properly clean the oven.
Another thing to keep in mind before leaving the fruit overnight is to cover your kitchen items using a plastic sheet, especially the food and drinks. This will make all the fruit flies swarm over the fruit you want them to attack.

Use Ammonia to Kill Them

Ammonia too, proves to be very useful in getting rid of fruit flies in the kitchen. All you need is ½ a cup of ammonia to pour into the drainage. This will help kill fruit flies in kitchen drain along with completely exterminating the larvae of the fruit flies breeding in the kitchen drain.
Make sure that you don't use the drainage for the next 2 hours. Therefore it is ideal to use this method overnight.

Use a Rotten or Overripe Fruit

A banana would be the most suitable for this method. All you need to do is mash the overripe banana in a bowl. Once you have done that, take a plastic sheet to cover the bowl. Use rubber bands to keep the cover tight and intact.
Make fine holes into the plastic cover, like you did in the case of vinegar. Keep this bowl in the area where you find fruit flies the most. The smell of the fruit will attract the fruit flies and make them enter the bowl through the holes. But they won't be able to find their way out.
These are the best ways to get rid of fruit flies in kitchen. Another important thing that you must do to ensure to stop the entry of fruit flies in the house again, is to make sure that all areas of your house, especially the kitchen, are clean. Wash the dishes as soon as you finish eating, make sure that the garbage is disposed off as soon as possible.
It is also very important to store the fruits properly in the refrigerator, so that the fruit flies don't get a chance to get attracted by their smell. Also make it a point to clean the area behind or below your refrigerator, as you may end up spilling a drink while taking it out of the fridge.
This is enough for the fruit flies to come back and rule in your house all over again. Also, if you don't wash your kitchen sink properly, you might just see the fruit flies in the kitchen sink too one fine day! Make sure you don't give them a chance to be your guest again. All the best!