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Grape Juice Stain Removal

Grape Juice Stain Removal

Grape juice contains natural dark pigments, thus making its stains one of the toughest to remove from fabrics. Here is some information regarding effectual grape juice stain removal tips, which you can use to clean off those reddish-purple stains.
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Grape Juice Stain Removal
The more nutritious grape juice is for health, the tougher are its stains to remove from clothes and carpets. However, being a fruit juice of several health benefits, grape juice is the most preferred choice for people of all ages. Consequently, the chances of grape juice stains on clothes and carpet are high, particularly, if you have kids at home. And the worst part is that the dark-colored pigments present in grape juice make the stains difficult to lighten with regular detergents.

You can find numerous stain removal products that promise to remove grape juice stains. Such products not only cost sky-high, but can also weaken the cloth fibers, reducing the quality of clothes. the other alternative, which is also cost-effective, is to use home remedies for removing grape juice stain. Use effective tips for grape juice stain removal and you can clean the stains with less effort and without expensive cleaning products.

Grape Juice Stain Removal from Clothes

If you are among one of those hundred moms who are struggling to clean grape juice stains from the kid's shirts and clothing, refer to the following useful tips for easy removal of the stains:
  • Sponge the stain portion of the cloth with cold water gently, making sure that you are spreading the stain.
  • Apply lemon juice in the already soaked area or else, you can rub the cut side of a lemon over the area.
  • Using an absorbent tissue paper or a clean washcloth, blot the loosened stain as much as possible.
  • Repeat the step of applying lemon juice and blotting out the liquid, until the grape juice stain is removed totally.
  • In case you notice a faint stain even after applying lemon juice, you can use white vinegar for cleaning the stain.
  • Sponge the stained area with white vinegar and use tissue paper to absorb the liquid until the stain is invisible.
  • Rinse the cloth with cold water thoroughly and allow it to air dry.
Grape Juice Stain Removal from Carpet

In order to remove grape juice stains from carpet, you can prepare a carpet cleaning solution by using the regular carpet shampoo available in the market. Easy steps for removing grape juice stains on carpet are as follows:
  • If you act immediately after grape juice spillage, you can succeed in blotting up the juice with a paper towel before it sets in the carpet.
  • After absorbing the stain, you can apply lukewarm water over the stain area by using a spray bottle.
  • The next step is to blot up the liquid from the stained carpet portion. You can use a washcloth to do so.
  • Following this, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing 1 milliliter of carpet shampoo with 1 liter of lukewarm water. Mix well the solution prior to applying in the spot.
  • Dab a cotton cloth with this solution and carefully, scrub it over the carpet stain.
  • Blot out the liquid with a paper cloth. Continue to apply the cleaning solution and blotting until the stain disappears.
  • The last step is to sponge the treated carpet area with cold water and blot with washcloth.
These tips for grape juice stain removal are most effective when used immediately after the staining occurs. If possible, act before the stains dry on the fabric. If the grape juice stains persist even after following these tips, you can consult professional laundry services for stain removal.