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Innumerable Ideas to Make Beautiful, Yet Disposable Guest Towels

Rimlee Bhuyan May 13, 2019
Towels are a basic necessity for anyone, and unclean or bad-smelling towels are a major put off. Here are some ideas for making unique guest towels for your guests.
When you have guests staying over at your place, you need to make sure that their stay is as comfortable as possible, and hence, cleaning and decorating the guest room is very essential. Keeping your guests' comfort in mind is very important.
Changing the bed linens and laying out blankets and comforters should be a part of this preparatory routine. One thing to keep in mind is providing a supply of clean towels for your guests. If you do not have extra towels, then it is a good idea to purchase some.
Some people prefer to give their guests fancy towels which are a bit more expensive than regular ones. Disposable towels are also a good option. Whichever ones you choose, make sure that they are clean and odor free.

For the Bathroom

Generally, guest towels consist of a set of hand and bath towels. Many people purchase these in different colors and patterns for their guests. This helps in differentiating between the regular ones and the ones for the guests. Coordinating the towel colors with that of the bed linen in the guest room is a good idea.
If your guests are staying over for more than a week, you should supply them with extra towels. You can hang these in a towel holder or keep them in the bathroom towel tray.
Monogrammed towels with the word "Guest" etched on them are a good way of personalizing them. You can make these yourself too. Monogrammed fabric towels can be purchased from most home furnishing stores.
You can also simply stitch a colorful grosgrain ribbon on the towels. These can then be stacked together in the towel basket. You can also store extra bed linen and duvets for your guests in the basket. You can even place rolled towels in a simple wine rack.
Disposable paper towels can also be used. These prevent the hassle of cleaning cloth towels, and should always be of a good quality. If you are purchasing linen towels for your guest, you can go for pastel colors in peach, lavender, and pale blue instead of plain whites. Embroidered and decorative bath towels also look great in a guest room.
You can try decorative towel folding for giving the guest room more flair. Provide clean and good quality towels for the guests so that they feel at home.