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Guide to a Perfect House Viewing

Jagriti Singh May 6, 2019
Don't make the mistake of rushing your property viewing. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, viewing potential properties is a key part of house hunting. Here is how to make sure a property is really worth your money. Here is a guide to a perfect property viewing.

Focus on Building a Good Relation With Your Agent

Prior to visiting any property, you must recognize that you area has a competitive real estate market. This implies that anyone property could be what a number of would-be tenants are wanting. Try to build a good rapport with your real estate agent. This will help you prepare a good contact list as soon as a property with your specifications hits the market.

Go for Multiple Viewings

You must be going to viewings at different times of the day. This will help you to assess the intensity of natural light in a property. Keep in mind that natural light is vital since you can change it. Try to take a note on which direction the property is facing. Usually, east facing properties face the rising sun.

Measure Space

You must keep a note of the size of the furniture you want to place in your new space. Keep in mind that preparation is vital here. You need to have an idea as to how your design concept will take shape. At the time of house hunting, try to travel with the tape measure with yourself. This will help you to look at how symmetrical the walls are.

Keep a Check on Pipework

Try to turn on the taps in the kitchens and bathrooms. You need to inspect the water faucets in the house. Your water supply must be odorless and colorless. Keep in mind that rusty water might indicate poor pipework. It might add a huge sum to your budget. You must try to check for mold and any dampness. This will help you avoid additional costs.

Keep a Check on the Noise Level

In an urban apartment, higher floors lower the level of city noise. You can also have better views. Try to take the time to address if construction is taking place in the near vicinity.

Focus on the Location

You must check out the community. This way you might find the right property for yourself or your family. However, the place needs to be right as well. Talking to a few of your neighbors, you can get a scope of the area’s highlights. Check out that the amenities are in close proximity to the building. Make a list of your priorities, first.

Do not View the Property Alone

Keep in mind that the more pairs of eyes you have looking around, the safer! In case you attend a viewing all alone, you might be led around by an agent who does their best to focus on the positive features of the property. This way you will not get the chance to look closely. You can consider taking a friend or relative to view the property with you.

View Everything

You must view outside as well as inside. You will have to examine the inside of a property. However, it might not be enough. You must take a thorough look at the outside as well. It is important to check the exterior walls and the roof. Also, check the pipes and drainage. This is necessary.

Look out for Damp

Try to get a full survey. Make sure that there are no severe structural issues. You must ask the vendor to resolve the issues prior to agreeing to buy. Try to find out how much it would cost to rectify and negotiate a reduction when it comes to the asking price.