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Information about Guillotine Paper Cutters

Information about Guillotine Paper Cutters
These are tools manufactured for cutting large blocks of paper and take very less time to complete this job. To know more about these paper cutters, read on...
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Man working on the guillotine for paper
If you are asked to cut 50 sheets of paper, cutting them individually would consume a lot of time. Also, the paper sheets cut by scissors have rough, uneven edges. All these problems can be resolved by simply using a guillotine paper cutter. This is a tool that is used for cutting large amounts of paper at one time with straight, even cuts. Offices and schools commonly use these cutters to get precisely cut sheets of paper.
A guillotine paper cutter consists of a flat board with a blade and handle weighted clamp on one side. In order to cut the paper, you have to just lower the blade and the paper will fall with a perfectly even edge. These cutters have a sturdy metal base and the blade is generally made up of stainless steel. The razor-sharp blade is specifically designed for easy and efficient cutting. The handle clamp makes sure that the paper remains steady during cutting. The blade length varies from 4 inches to 36 inches. These cutters are at least 30 cm long and the length can go up to 61 cm. Industrial cutters used in design workshops are approximately 76 cm in length. Choosing the size of the cutter completely depends on the items to be cut. If your job requires you to cut large size documents, then it is essential to have a cutter that supports the entire document.
This tool comes in a variety of sizes and types. People with a small business prefer a commercial guillotine paper that can easily cut 10 to 50 sheets at once. If you have a company that specializes in making paper products such as paper crafts, then industry paper trimmers would be a better option. To cut large piles of paper stacks with precision, guillotine stack paper trimmers are preferred as they can cut 50 to 700 sheets effortlessly.
The tool can be either electric or manual. Electric motor cutters use a motor and paper feed system to automatically pass the paper through a set of blades to cut it to the desired size. Some are semi-automatic while others are fully programmable. However, electric paper cutters are costly and usually used in large corporations. If you are on a tight budget, you can always go in for an inexpensive and affordable paper trimmers.
These tools come with a number of safety features such as finger guards, blade locks, and a tension spring, to protect their users from accidental injuries. The tension string does not allow the blade to fall when in the raised position. A blade lock ensures that the blade does not move when not in use. Finger guards prevent accidental cuts that can cause severe injuries.
These cutters provide an excellent way to make neat and accurate cuts in paper sheets, in a very short time. So when it comes to cutting large volumes of paper in the precise size, using these tools is the ideal choice.