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Must-have Gutter Cleaning Accessories and Tools for Your Repair Kit

Gutter Cleaning Accessories and Tools
Cleaning gutters with the right kind of tools will take you hardly any time. Don't let your gutters cause you much stress; they're really not that difficult to clean.
HomeQuicks Staff
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Gutters are where the water gets diverted and is exempted to the downspouts. Now where there is water, there are number of possibilities of drain clogs due to waste materials. Since the gutters are situated in an open area, twigs, leaves, and dirt gets accumulated. Hence to clean, all that we need is specific and easy gutter cleaning tools. Certainly gutter cleaning is an unpleasant job to do, but to avoid any impurity hassles they are equally important to perform too.

These are tools you would usually find in a gutter cleaning kit. The kit has a variety of accessories present, which help you to reach around and underneath all the muck.
  • Gutter Grabber
  • Gutter Getter Scoop
  • 3 pc Extension Pole
  • Ladder-Max Ladder Stabilizer
  • Big Top Strainer
  • Tiger Striping
Gutter Grabber
A gutter grabber is a pointed blade working from both ends of the ladder. It reaches to the depth of the corners of the gutter and helps scrape clean the entire channel. It is known to reach under and over the gutter hangers. It is quite user-friendly because it easily scoops out all the debris from the troughs, and it has a hook to hang. The user can hang the tool from the gutter channel and freely climb the ladder using both hands.

Gutter Getter Scoop
This is another tool which is flexible, comfortable, and very easy to use. The shape of this tool, as the name says, is in the form of a scoop. Quite pliable its properties are, squeezing and sizing into the desired gutter openings.

3 pc Extension Pole
As it is a 3 pc extension pole, it is naturally going to be multifunctional. It attaches with the gutter grabber right till the end of that rod. The attachment system is based on screws. The measurement of the extension pole is up to 43½'' in length.

Ladder-Max Ladder Stabilizer
The pliability of a ladder to expend it in terms of cleaning is a common practice everywhere. But the assurance of its safety is problematic. Moreover, the dents and scratches it causes in the gutter for years to come by is illustrious. But Ladder-Max is a different tool. Rely on its efficiency and you will have no dents, metal siding, overhangs, eaves, etc.

Big Top Strainer
This tool is designed with slots after every interval, just like a strainer in your kitchen. This helps in the blocking of debris and other waste materials from draining down the trough lines and downspouts. It's very easy to install and utilize too. Its dome shape is quite unique, measuring 12'' in length.

Tiger Striping
The gutters do get stained due to their confronting environs, under constant heat and wither. Thus, staining is obviously going to take place. Installing this staining tool will change the draggy black appearance of your roof top.

Now that you have these easy-to-use tools at disposal, homeowners should ensure that they clean their rooftop gutters on regular basis (say in every 4 months).
Man Working and Cleaning Gutters