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Hard Anodized Cookware Safety

Medha Godbole Apr 17, 2019
You need to be extremely careful and practice a lot of safety measures while using hard anodized cookware in the kitchen. Here are tips on how to effectively use anodized cookware and stay safe while doing so.
Hard anodization is an electrochemical process which hardens the aluminum and makes the material an excellent heat conductor. Some safety aspects that shouldn't be overlooked while using hard anodized cookware have been mentioned here.

Hot Liquids

Due to high heat conduction of this material, the person cooking with it could sustain burns if proper safety precautions are not taken. Take care that there is no splashing of hot oil or hot liquids while cooking, to avoid burns.
Using as little oil as possible, too, will avoid flare-ups and burns.

Heated Up

Even though good conduction of heat is an asset, it can become a disadvantage for someone who does not have an idea of how heated can this type of cookware become.
Start with a low heat and then gradually, depending on what you are cooking and what suits the food item, the heat can be increased.


Another concern with anodized aluminum is that frequent or excessive use may cause toxicity. This can lead to possible and severe health conditions.
Moreover quantanium, a substance used to coat hard anodized aluminum, is like teflon. This material is prone to wearing out and if that happens, chances are that people might ingest it along with the food. Therefore, while buying hard anodized cookware, pick utensils that come sans additional and artificial coatings.

No Sharp Things Here

It is advised to keep the usage of sharp objects like knives, hand mixers, or immersion blenders with this cookware to the bare minimum as they can sometimes peel off the upper layer of the coating.

Brand New Wash

After purchasing new cookware, it is essential to wash it first before you use it. The simplest and most effective way to clean it is to use a solution of hot water mixed with soap and rinse it thoroughly. After rinsing it well, let the utensils dry completely, and then start using them.

Cold Storage Prohibited

This cookware should not be used for storing food. This is because the containers are not airtight. Storing food in such utensils will not only spoil the food, but in some cases, if the food is acidic, it might cause the surface of the pan or the utensil to erode.

Room It In

If you wish to cook refrigerated food in anodized utensils, a good idea would be to thaw the food and let it come to room temperature first. This will not only ensure that the food gets cooked evenly, but also the chances of food sticking to the utensil are lesser.
These were some simple, yet essential tips that will ensure that you remain safe when you cook with hard anodized cookware. They will also increase the life of the utensils and prevent them from getting spoiled soon.