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Helpful Advice for Taking Care of Your Carpet

Helpful Advice for Taking Care of Your Carpet

Put forth in this HomeQuicks write up, are some suggestions that can help you in taking care of your carpet. Keep reading to know more...
HomeQuicks Staff
Carpets have the tendency to make a great house look ordinary, and an ordinary house look great. They set the tone for the entire house. They are found in houses belonging to all countries, and are common across all cultures. They are manufactured using different materials, and are available in different textures. Keeping it clean makes it look good, as well as increases its life. But the major problem is that, they are cumbersome to clean and manage.

The mode of cleaning depends on the kind of material that is being used. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton, as well as popular synthetic fibers like nylons, acrylics, polyester and polypropylene olefins, are also used. Synthetic fibers are generally used when the carpet needs to be durable, and is frequently exposed to the outdoor or harsh conditions. A few reasons for any type of carpet to get dirty are dust, mites, spots, stains etc.

» Wool fibers can be cleaned using all cleaning methods, but excessive heat should be avoided. Wool is also easily damaged by bleaches and alkalies.

» Cotton and rayon are susceptible to shrinkage when wet.

» Silk should be cleaned using a dry cleaning process. But it is best, if it is cleaned by a professional.

» Plant fibers are difficult to clean and are susceptible to shrinkage.

One of the most important weapons, in the war against dust and mites, is the vacuum cleaner. But it needs to be very powerful for it to be effective enough.

Do Not Forget the Edges
The edges of the carpet are often forgotten, and are often the source of the most amount of dust. The various types of nozzles that are given with the vacuum cleaner, can be used to tackle the corners that go unnoticed. One trick that works with the less hairy fabrics, is wiping with a cloth dipped in a solution of ammonia and water. But make sure to squeeze out the excess water from the cloth, before applying it to the carpet.

Stain Removal
They also get stained very easily. Once any liquid falls on the carpet, it bonds with the fibers. This situation can be tackled if immediate action is taken. The longer the delay, the higher the probability that a spill would become a permanent stain. If it is a liquid, then try blotting it with cloth. If it is a solid, then try scraping it out without damaging the fabric.

There are many stain removal agents that are available in the market, but some of them can do a lot of harm to the carpet. One way to test them, would be to apply them in an area that is inconspicuous and invisible to the naked eye. If no change occurs, it is only then that it should be selected for use. While applying any cleaning solution, start from the edges and work towards the center of the stain. After the spot has been cleaned, rinse it with water, and apply a dry towel to it. If you are really serious about keeping your carpet in prime condition, then it is imperative that you utilize the 'carpet shampoo machine'. It can be rented out, and cleans the deepest fibers of the rug.

Wear and Tear Marks
The wear on carpets may not be even, and this could create depressions in the texture, which is visible to the naked eye. Pivot it at the corner every couple of months to ensure even wear. Ensure that no sharp object is left lying, as it could easily rip the fabric, and correspondingly a hole in your wallet. If a chair has to be placed on it, try using steel guides or carpet casters under the leg of the chair to prevent crushing of the rug.

Care must also be taken that cigarettes, and hot cups of beverages, are not placed directly on the carpet as they cause indentations. Always remember to use ashtrays for cigarette stubs, and drink/beverage coasters for glasses or cups.

All of these dos and don'ts may seem extremely tiresome and unnecessary, but the look on your guests face when he steps into your house, and onto the carpet is worth the effort.
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