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Hire Professionals or DIY Carpet Cleaning?

Matt Thompson Nov 30, 2019
You may think that getting your carpet professionally cleaned is an expensive and inconvenient undertaking. You may believe that it is better and more cost-effective to clean your own carpet with steam cleaning machines and stain removal products that you can get at your favorite DIY store.
Before you decide what is the best action for you to take, you should learn the difference between the two methods.

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

You can clean your carpet with a host of different products on the market. This may include vacuuming the carpet, removing the stains with a strong and effective stain remover, or buying or leasing cleaning equipment that is intended to mirror a professional clean.
Vacuuming is something that you have to do on a regular basis to maintain the quality and sanitation of your carpet. Daily vacuuming will limit the amount of dust that will accumulate on the surface and the microorganisms that attach themselves to the many hidden fibers.
By removing the dust and the microorganisms you will maintain the quality of the carpet as well as vastly improve your air quality.
Carpet stains occur often and at the worst times. You know the stain looks bad and you want to get rid of it, but you have to be careful that the stain removal chemicals that you use do not cause further damage to the carpet.
When you have selected the stain removal product that will not damage your carpet, you have to ensure that you use it in the way that it was intended. If you accidentally damage the carpet with stain remover, it will be permanent. The damage cannot be reversed. You may end up ruining your investment or spending a lot of money to try and get it fixed.
If you buy or rent professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment you may have a better chance of getting a professional carpet cleaner. Before you embark on this you should check with the company that installed your carpet to find out what cleaning method is right for the type of carpet that you have.
This is because some carpet fibers react adversely to water, so it should not be allowed to get wet. There are also carpets that develop a discoloration when not cleaned with the proper method.

What will the Professional Carpet Cleaners Do?

A professional carpet cleaning service provider with a stellar reputation knows what they are doing because they have invested in research for the best ways to clean carpets without causing them any damage.
They take years to master their methods, so when you call them up to clean your carpet you can trust that they will leave your carpet sanitized and looking like new. They know what methods work best with the different carpet materials, so you need not worry about the state of your carpet if left in their hands.
Usually, the cost of cleaning is determined by the total carpet area that needs to be cleaned and the condition that your carpet is in. The deeper the dirt and the more stains there are the more it may cost because it will take a lot longer to get to a state of “perfectly clean”.
This means that more man-hours and a lot more products would be needed to ensure that the carpet is as good as new. Some stains may have gone so deep into the carpet that it cannot be removed, but a professional is your best chance at giving it a try.

Which Should You Choose?

Having professional cleaning done is not always expensive or even inconvenient. If you have frequent cleanings you will realize that the cleaning is worth the cost. Regular cleaning will greatly reduce the amount of dirt that can get locked into the carpet fibers over a long period of time.
A DIY clean may be an option, but it may not be the best choice for your situation. It will be time-consuming, and your experience will determine whether it is done right. A wrong move or the wrong use of cleaning products can cause irreparable damage.
Do not be fooled by the appearance of your carpet. The dust and bacteria are hidden within the carpet fibers. Although you may vacuum regularly, that alone cannot remove all the dirt that had been building up every day. If you are in doubt call a carpet cleaning service and ask for their advice. The information you get can help you make the right decision.