Home Cleaning Remedies

Home cleaning remedies include the substances from the house, that when combined become a potent force to clean away dirt and grime. Let's see some handy remedies to try out.
Marian K Feb 6, 2019
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Like many other inventions, most of these home cleaning remedies have been chanced upon. Someone somewhere dropped some ketchup on a decorative copper plate, and while trying to get it off, discovered that it made the metal shine!
Most other house cleaning remedies have been discovered in similar ways, and each family has their own. For example, ash mixed with lemon juice works wonders while shinning silver.
The wonderful aspect of natural house cleaning remedies is that they are concoctions of ingredients you will find around the house, and usually work out to be inexpensive. They also do not contain any strong chemicals, that may be bad for us in the long run.


You can make your very own window cleaner by combining together 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water. Transfer some of this solution into a spray bottle, squirt it on, and then wipe it clean with a newspaper.


Among the home remedies for cleaning, this method is fairly common and simple, and you must have tried a variation of it in your home. To clean out cobwebs from hard to reach spots, you can put an old sock over the end of a long stick and make it secure with a rubber band. Use it to collect the cobwebs and to clean under radiators and refrigerators.


This is one of my favorite home cleaning tips. Measure half a cup of full-strength ammonia to fill a small glass bowl, place it in the oven before going to bed and close the door.
In the morning, clean away all the dirt that has loosened with a cloth rag or paper towels. If required, you can gently remove collected grease with an abrasive substance such as steel wool. When done, use a damp cloth to wipe the insides of the oven clean.

Toilet Bowl

A toilet bowl may collect faint stains over time. To get it to look as good as new, add ¼ cup full strength chlorine bleach to it and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Then use a bowl brush to do some scrubbing and flush.


Drains getting clogged is something that most of us have to deal with at one point of time or another. Drains where grease buildup is suspected, can be treated to 1 lb washing soda mixed with 3 gallons of boiling water, but be careful not to scald yourself in the process. If the drain has heavy grease buildup, use a commercial drain opener.

Adhesive Residue

Don't you hate how the spot that once held a label or sticky tape keeps collecting dust? Pour some vinegar over it, and give it a good scrubbing. Alternately, pour a little oil on it and allow it to soak for a while. Then wipe it off.

Non-Stick Cookware

Most of us are a little vary of scrubbing non stick cookware, which is why it may collect grime, or get stained over a period of time.
Among the home cleaning solutions, it is suggested to heat a solution of 1 cup of water, 2 tbsp baking soda, and ½ a cup of chlorine bleach into the pan. Simmer it for 5 to 10 minutes, but be careful and don't let it boil. Throw out the solution and wash the pan with warm soapy water.
These are just some ways to clean a house with homemade remedies. There are home cleaning remedies for almost every kind of stain and grime. There are few substances that are frequently used, so as long as you have a stock of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol, cleaning should not be a nightmare.