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Home Hacks Worth Sharing

Kevin Gardner Nov 19, 2019
Who doesn’t love a good home hack to help them improve their daily life? Ever since the dawn of Pinterest in 2011, homeowners and DIYers all over the world have been sharing their favorite shortcuts to get jobs done quicker and more efficiently. You’ve already seen a good number of them, but what about home hacks that you might not be so savvy on?

Ways To Improve Security

If home security is a worry of yours, then getting it under control is the first step in feeling safer again. While the list aren’t “hacks,” so to speak, they are certainly good tips for improving security at your house:
Install a heavier door. This can be an expense, especially if you’re looking for solid wood or solid steel, but the added protection is worth every penny.
Download apps like CrimeReport and SpotCrime; these can help you identify and report crime when you see it happening, helping you to prevent any possible break-ins nearby.
Make it look like someone’s home, even if nobody is. Buy a well-used pair of men’s boots from a secondhand store and leave them outside your front door, moving them around occasionally. You can also do things like leave lights on when you’re gone and turn on a radio or TV in a room to make it appear that you’re around.

Streamline Your Home Services

Having a system to properly file and store paperwork related to services on the house can be a lifesaver for you down the road as well as anyone who buys the home later on. Keep documentation handy for reference and for proof in case you need it later.
Keep a file in your personal records called “Services on House” to stash all paperwork in. This includes receipts and invoices, business cards and any contracts or agreements you or a contractor may have signed.
Using a three-ring binder and clear plastic sheet protectors, create a book to store all manuals inside. These might include HVAC units, your washer and dryer and hot water heater. Keep the book regularly updated and leave it with the new owners when you decide to sell.
Paints should not be forgotten during this process. If you’ve recently painted your home and have a couple of quarts left of your extras, don’t throw them out. Instead, label the cans by writing where the paint was used and what the color name is.

Cleaning Made Easy

When it comes to cleaning, there are many tasks that people dread; maybe they’re boring or time-consuming, maybe they’re difficult or they’re just downright gross. In moments like these, we need hacks the most, so here are awesome cleaning hacks to help you get through the process more easily.
Walls and showers have something in common: They kill your back when you try to wash them. Rather than bend constantly using a flimsy rag to get such a huge task done, go easy on yourself: Use a flat-padded mop to get your walls clean, and use your broom to scrub the shower. Both get the job done in a quarter of the normal time and save your back!
Your light switch covers and air vent covers get disgusting: Germy, dusty and all-around icky. Toss them in the dishwasher to make them sparkly clean as well as to sanitize the germs off of them.
Stove hood vents can get greasy and nasty in very little time. Put a pot of water to boil, adding in a few tablespoons of baking soda, and let your stove hood vent boil for a little while to get rid of the grease. Use tongs to flip it over to get it clean on all sides.
There’s certainly no magic to any of these home hacks, but passing on knowledge is beneficial to everyone. Get your home in better working order by taking a few small steps to improve it.