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Home Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems are a guaranteed way of knowing what is going on in the house. Let us talk about the various types of security cameras available for home surveillance.
Roy D'Silva Jun 30, 2019
Home security is of the utmost importance in the present scenario. Today, there are a number of tools available for proper safety of homes, one of them being security camera systems. Here is a brief list of such surveillance devices.

Dome Camera

Dome Cameras are very common in places that require high amount of security and surveillance, like a casino or a museum. Like their name, they are dome shaped and fit easily on ceilings.
Some of them can even be placed outside the house, but they need to be installed in a specific way. They are pretty popular, because it is virtually impossible to pin-point the angle that they are placed at, unless at a close range. They have adjustable lenses and are also available in black and white.

Board Cameras

Board cameras may be the most used type of surveillance cameras, with many of them being used in ATMs, smoke detectors, etc. They are available as a fixed lens on a mounted board, or may even be packaged in a small case.
They are also sold singly, so that the buyer can decide how and where to mount them. They normally have a pinhole lens, and are commonly used for secret surveillance.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are named so, because they are sold with a bullet like housing. They are pretty small in size and have an integrated design. The length of the lens is very long and it is shaped like a stick.
Some bullet cameras have an infra-red LED feature. This illuminates the viewing area and therefore it is possible to monitor the area even in complete darkness. Depending on the model, they can monitor in darkness, up to ten to fifty feet.
These devices are weatherproof. They do not have the ability to use different lenses, because they are sealed inside the bullet-shaped housing.

Security Recorders and Monitors

Security recorders allow the video to be directly shown on a normal television screen, but this procedure does not give a good resolution and quality.
The best option for using them are security monitors, which are designed specifically for the purpose of showing the recorded video.

Computer Based Systems

Computer based systems are basically specific hardware and software, with the help of which one can convert their computers into a security and surveillance system.
Through the help of a special card, one can use the computer to survey the house, as well as record the display on a disk drive.

Stand alone Systems

Stand alone systems are very similar to the VCRs of yore. They consist of the same machinery, and most of the video processing is done via hardware. The surveillance footage is then saved on a disc drive in digital format.
They are also technically enhanced, since the core OS of a stand alone system is Linux, which cannot be hacked into or overwritten easily. Most of them also have remote capability, which allows them to be controlled via the Internet or on a local network.
Before opting for a home security camera system, one should look into the various features and advantages of the particular device and its manufacturer. The internet is a great way of doing the necessary research, in a quick way.