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Home Surveillance Camera System

Mayuri Kulkarni Dec 3, 2018
Installing a home surveillance system can be difficult if one is unaware of the different ways it can be used. Read on to know more about the types of systems you can use to keep your house safe...
The type of surveillance system to be installed at your home depends on various factors, like budget, purpose, architecture of the house, privacy, etc.

Hidden Cameras

Before installing a home surveillance camera system, decide if the cameras need to be visible or hidden.
A hidden system, also called covert surveillance, is always a smart way to track the movements going around in your home. You may need to keep a watch on your children when you are not at home, or when they are with your babysitter or some guest whom you do not trust. The most popular type of hidden camera is the nanny camera.
These cameras are installed in toys, clocks, books, or other such objects in your house that are placed strategically in your home. If you are using nanny cams for keeping watch on a babysitter you don't entirely trust, be careful with the legality of it, as in some parts of United States it is illegal to monitor a person who is unaware of being monitored.
These cameras will record any misdoings done by your babysitter, or even more serious crimes being committed in your household in your absence.

Closed-Circuit Televison

CCTVs are not limited to public places, as they have become fairly cheap to be installed at homes and help prevent crimes. CCTVs are the most effective way to keep an eye on all the activities in your house, and is the most popular.
These cameras record the activities and transmit them to the monitor they are connected to. The recording can be saved and can be viewed later for tracking suspicious activities. You will need multiple cameras and a professional to install the whole system.
CCTV is very useful for surveillance of a property spread over a large area. The cameras used in this system are CCD video cameras. This video can be transmitted to the monitor via different techniques, such as wireless transmission, cables, etc. Remote surveillance is possible with the help of a web camera that uses the Internet to transmit the signals.
Placing the CCTV cameras should be done with proper care. Care should be taken that the camera is focused only in the area of your property and you do not spy on your neighbors. Do not place the cameras very high, as it can make the maintenance difficult. Using CCTV can be quite expensive, but the security of your valuables is more important.

Wireless System

If you have a limited budget, a wireless system can be a good choice for you. Wireless cameras come in different shapes and sizes, and you can use the one that suits your specific needs and the dimensions of your house. Inverted dome-shaped cameras that can be installed on ceilings are commonly used.
This system is good option for people who travel often. The wireless system is easy to install, small in size, and portable. The cameras in this arrangement can be connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a VCR for recording the activities. The system prevents thefts, and can help in investigations after a robbery.
Some people have been successful in avoiding robbery by using fake cameras. These cameras do not record or transmit anything but look like real security cameras. This dissuades potential thieves to stay away from a home. However, this is not a viable long-term option.
It is noticed that 75% of the crimes that take place in the United States are related to thefts of property. Security of the property is mandatory, and installing a camera network is the best way to prevent thefts at your house.