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Easy-to-follow DIY Instructions: Make a Homemade Air Conditioner

Homemade Air Conditioner
Unable to handle the smothering summer heat? A homemade air conditioner is here! So, you don't derogatorily, have to spend a fortune to install an instrument that will cool your senses and vent your exhaustion. An air conditioner manufactured at your quarter will do the trick! ...
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
The summer heat is piping hot, beads of perspiration dribbling down your cheeks, your body burns and your head is hammered with the soaring temperatures that refuse to have mercy on your stultified state. You have a roof on your head; however, you have no refuge... your dwelling has deceived you as well! (My sympathies!) Why not end this never-ending agony! Yes, there is a way out, and this piece of writing will illustrate how. A homemade air conditioner is your winning voucher that sets you free. Let me be your guide.
Preconstruction Know-how
A homemade air conditioner is a virtual AC that you could assemble at home. The best part about the homemade air conditioner is its economic feasibility. A homemade air conditioner, primarily, is a domestic unit manufactured, that uses the mechanism of evaporate cooling and the fan to lower the shooting temperature during summer. This design is devised in order to facilitate the 'low-on-maintenance-yet-effective' criterion. This model, in specificity, does not demand any water drainage compliance. If the next question cropping up in your mind is with regard to the performance and delivery level of the homespun product, then here is an answer to your quandary. This is a virtual AC built to serve the purpose of fiscal convenience. In short, a homemade air conditioner will make your proximate conditions cooler and pleasant to endure. It, by no means, will make the place chilly! However, during the excruciating summer season, when the burning bug bites your back, even a little respite is welcome!
Construction Know-how
Here are some easy-to-follow instructions that you may apply in order to build your very own homemade portable air conditioner. A no-hassle design is here to cool you down.
Things You Will Require
Air conditioning utilities
  • A table fan
  • Tubing (copper and plastic)
  • Ice
  • Ice chest
  • Cold water
  • Hole saw
  • Aquarium pump
  • Zip ties
Here Are the Directives
  1. Begin by detaching the front grate from the fan. Now attach the copper tubing to the fan.
  2. The hole saw should be wrapped around the copper tubing affixed in the interiors of the fan.
  3. Systematically and neatly, position the copper tubing on the insides of the fan. Secure the copper tubing to the back grate of the fan by using zip ties. When using zip ties ensure that its tail portion is snipped after it tampons the tubing. Besides, zip ties will ensure the arranged tubes remain primed.
  4. Once the copper tubing is installed, you may allow the two ends of the tubing to remain free for a while. However, after some time -- when the arrangement looks sturdy -- you may attach one end of the copper tube to the pump.
  5. The other end of the tubing should intersperse with the plastic tubing of equal length. Position the tubing in the ice chest.
  6. For a homemade air conditioner with ice, place cold water and ice cubes into the chest. Immerse the pump into the ice chest and switch on the pump.
  7. Ensure there is no leakage in the pump, primarily, where the plastic and copper tubing meet. If you encounter any leaks, switch off the pump, and resort to hose clamps to tighten the intersection of the tubing.
  8. You would notice some condensation courtesy of the ice water being introduced; however, there is no condensation creping the copper tube hooked to the pump. This means the surrounding heat is being transferred to the water, which is a sign of perfect arrangement.
  9. Now, plug in to switch on the fan. There should be no leaks now and the air should be pleasant and cool. Your homemade air conditioner is now ready!
Make sure that you cover the pump with enough cold water and ice cubes. Another suggested way to keep the air pleasant and cooler is to fill the pump with 2 to 3 liters of salt water. I trust this article has motivated you enough to build your own air conditioner. This will make life during the scorching summer heat, easier to withstand and cooler to endure. Bask in the fresh and cool air from your homemade air conditioner!