Homemade Cat Repellent

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 25, 2018
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Cats often frequent places in the house and garden that they are not supposed to. This article lists some homemade cat repellents that you can try for solving this problem of your pet cat.
Cats are dear pets, but they can be troublesome when they frequent places you don't want them to. Your cat may be sleeping on your bed and sofas and cause hair to stick to your upholstery, using the children's sand box as a litter box or may be urinating around the house.
It is not easy to hold your cat back or stop it from doing what you don't want it to do. Given are some homemade repellents to keep your cat away from different areas of the house.

For House Plants

Your cat may be eating up your house plants and you cannot find any way to stop it from doing so. You can try making the given homemade cat repellent to keep your cat away from your house plants.


  • 10 drops of lemon oil
  • 1 quart water
  • 20 drops of rosemary essential oil


Mix all the ingredients together and fill it into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the foliage, dirt, and the surrounding plant areas whenever needed. You can foolproof your plan by covering the top of the soil with a wrap that will keep the cat away.

For Garden

If your cat is digging your garden plants, then you should line the area with a wire mesh and cover it with mulch. This will deter the cat from digging and make it search for another softer patch.
You can sprinkle citrus peels around the plants and other areas. You can make sachets with citrus oils and tie them to low branches. You can even sprinkle white vinegar on the soil that is surrounding plants like azaleas and blueberry bushes.
You can grow plants like lavender, rue, and peppermint, as they are said to be cat repellents for gardens. If your cat still visits these spots, then you can squirt or throw a bucketful of water towards her. As she dislikes water, she will stay away after getting drenched a few times.

For Furniture

If your cat loves to claw your furniture, then you can protect it by sticking pieces of aluminum foil or duct tape over the furniture. Cats do not like the feel of these materials and will stop clawing your furniture.

Essential Oils Repellent

Cats have a very strong sense of smell and there are many smells that they dislike. You can use these smells to your advantage. You can make a homemade cat repellent with essential oils like cinnamon, citronella, lemon grass, orange, and rosemary.
Wet cotton balls with the essential oils and keep them in the corners of the rooms, closets, or any place you want to keep the cat away from. You can even rub the oil with a paper towel onto door knobs, base boards, etc.
You can make an infusion using herbs like lavender, rosemary, or cayenne. Add these herbs to boiling water for 5 minutes and strain the infusion. Put the liquid in a spray bottle and mist the floors, closets, rooms, furniture, countertops, house plants, and other problem areas.
This won't harm your closet, clothes, plants, furniture, etc., but keep the cat away and leave your house smelling good.
You can also buy some good cat repellents from pet stores for your home and garden. None of the repellents guarantee results, but there is no harm in trying them.
You should make sure that the homemade or commercial repellent does not contain any harmful chemicals that may harm your cat. Keep in mind that cats have a very sensitive skin and can develop serious skin allergies.
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