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How Do You Stuff a Duvet Cover?

How Do You Stuff a Duvet Cover? Here's What You Need to Know

There's nothing like snuggling under a warm and toasty duvet on a chilly night. But the said duvet must be spread straight and stuffed correctly into its cover, else the duvet will be twisted and full of bumps. Scroll below to learn how to easily stuff a duvet into its cover.
Rave Uno
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Laundering bed linen, from the bed sheets to the pillowcases and all in between, is a cumbersome task. First you need to collect the linen, wash it, dry it and then put them all back in a nice and neat way. But making the bed is a simple task, especially with pillows and bed sheets. It's the task of stuffing your duvet into its cover, that is exhausting and rather frustrating. You start at one end and pile in the duvet, then it gets all lumpy, you struggle to straighten it out, you straighten one end out and then there are 3 other corners to do.
At some point in this endlessly futile exercise, you will grasp the duvet between your teeth and climb into the cover to stuff it. Then you climb out and realize you have to do the bed again, because your antics have messed up its pristine appearance. Avoid getting into a wrestling match with the duvet and its cover. Go through the following steps and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to put the duvet in its cover.
How to Stuff a Duvet Cover?
Some things are a little difficult to explain without visual aids and stuffing a duvet cover is one such thing. The trick used in steps 7-12 can be explained using a simple example. Imagine you want to pick up something dirty from the ground and place it in a bag but you do not have gloves or a broom with you, just a plastic bag. You turn the bag inside out, pull it over your hand and use it like a glove to pick up the object. Once you have the object in your plastic-covered hand, you turn the bag from its corners inside out, still holding the object in your hand. The bag is now unfurled the right way, with the object in it.
This trick is employed in a similar way for stuffing a duvet into its cover. The steps are:
  • Lay the duvet completely flat on the bed.
  • Unfold the duvet cover and turn the cover inside out.
  • Thrust your hands into the corners of the inside-out cover, one hand at each corner.
  • Grip the corners in your hands. The opening of the cover should be at your elbows.
  • With one hand inside the cover, grab a corner of the duvet on the bed. Do this with the other corner of the duvet.
  • Now you have the two corners of the duvet in your hands but they are caught through the duvet cover.
  • Now think of the plastic bag example given above. The opening of the cover is around your elbows.
  • Shrug the opening downwards over the duvet.
  • Shake the duvet and notice that the cover will begin to turn itself inside out as you shake it.
  • Pull along the edges to help fit the duvet cover along the duvet. You can even shake or jerk the duvet to straighten it within the cover.
  • If it is a large duvet, stand on the bed and shake the duvet downwards.
  • The duvet cover will turn the right way along the duvet. Make sure there are no twists or lumps and the duvet is covered perfectly straight.
  • Stuff the duvet completely within the cover. If the duvet cover has fasteners, fit them at the other end of the duvet and close the opening of the cover.
  • Now lay the duvet perfectly straight along the bed. Notice how there are no lumps or humps within, both the duvet and its cover are perfectly aligned.
  • You can either cover the bed with the duvet or fold it. Voila! Duvet stuffed in the cover with minimal fuss and not one hair on your head out-of-place!
One way to make sure that your duvet doesn't fold or crumple within the cover (even if the duvet is kicked or tossed around) is to use duvet cover clips, available in a home and lifestyle store or at the bed linen department of a home furnishing store. These nifty clips fasten the duvet to the cover. Now that you have learned how to stuff a duvet cover easily, no need to dilly-dally with the laundry, you can even teach the kids how to do this simple chore!