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How to Adjust Eyeglass Frames at Home

Rohini Mohan Dec 1, 2018
Minor problems with eyeglasses can be easily rectified by using simple house tools. Learn how to adjust eyeglass frames at home, so as to avoid unnecessary expenses at the optometrist...
These tips will help you deal with minor problems. If however the damage is beyond your help, you must get it repaired by a professional. Never press the eyeglass rim with too much force as that can crack the glass lens.
Eyeglasses, like other contraptions, require tweaking every few months for optimal functioning. Prone to regular wear and tear; their parts are bound to loosen over time. It would be ideal to look after our eyeglasses by keeping the lenses and the nose-pads clean.

The Parts of an Eyeglass

  • Frame
  • Screws on the lens
  • Lenses
  • Temple Clips
  • Ear piece or arms
  • Nose Ridge
  • Nose-pads
  • Screws on the temple clips
  • A mirror

Things You Will Need

  • Small needle-nose plier
  • Magnetic four-pin Philips screwdriver
  • A small container for placing the small screws if any.

Adjusting Eyeglass Frames at Home

Repairing The Frame

The full metal-framed eyeglasses are the sturdiest and easiest to repair. The lenses are so well embedded within the frame, that one doesn't need to worry, while manipulating the frame. While metal frames are easy to bend and require small amounts of pressure to bring them back to shape, the plastic frames are non pliable and need to be adjusted using heat.
Here's how you can correct frames:

Set your eyeglass on the repair table, and check for the places where the glass frame is misaligned.

Now wear your glasses, and look in the mirror placed on your table. This will help you figure out which side needs to be adjusted.
Begin by pushing the ear pieces up or down, depending on your requirement. Pushing up will make the frame slope downwards towards, while pushing the earpieces downwards will make the entire frame align upwards.
The temple clips too may need to be checked. Lose clips will cause the frame to slope sideways, which is why the screw on each temple clip must be tightened, but not excessively.
Use the needle-nose plier to straighten the rim if it's bent out of shape and needs a slight adjustment. Use smooth pliers as to avoid scratching your glasses.

Plastic frames do not usually budge with heat if they are made up of fiber plastic. These glasses will be rectified by the optometrist by using a hotbox to soften the plastic and realign the frame,

Repairing the Lenses

For metal rimmed eyeglasses, you may apply slight pressure on the ridge to make the two lenses align better.
Pushing the nose-pads inwards will make the lenses rise up, aligning them to look in a straight line. On the other hand, spreading the nose-pads away from each other will make your glasses slope slightly downwards towards your nose. A suitable option for reading.
If the nose-pad has broken, you may replace them by buying a pair from a eyeglass repair shop, or get them repaired by the optometrist.

If you intend to replace the nose-pads yourself, you will firstly need to remove the old pads. After which you will have to affix the new nose pads to the hooks.

Repairing Earpieces or Arms

Sometimes the earpiece will clamp into your skin and feel really tight. This usually happens with new eyeglasses. To rectify this problem, you will need to adjust the new eyeglasses and loosen the temple clips connecting the frames with the arms.
You will need to gently pull the earpieces away from your skin, so as to create some extra space. You may tighten the screws of the clips once the eyeglasses begin to fit comfortably.
Often, older earpieces tend to separate from their clips, because of the weakening of the glue. You must try to fix the earpieces back to their clips, by using a soft adhesive, never use super glue, as it tends to leave a hard crust and is difficult to scrape off, in case the earpiece comes off again.
These tips about adjusting eyeglass frames at home will help you deal with minor problems. If however the damage is beyond your ability, you must get it repaired by a professional. Never press the eyeglass rim with too much force as this can crack the glass lens.