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How to Build a House Step by Step

Charlie S Dec 1, 2018
Building a house requires a lot of systematic planning and hard work. Let's discuss the vital points of building a home step by step.

Important Tip

Before building a home, it is important to have all the licenses and permits (like a building permit) in order.
Building a home is one of our biggest dreams in life. To have a place that you can call your own is something that many people strive to achieve. And while moving into a brand new, ready home is a great experience no doubt, sometimes, it cannot offer us the things that we had hoped for.
Like, you might have wanted a bigger kitchen, but a already-built home will not be able to offer you the same. In that way, there are certain plans that we have made in our minds about the kind of home that we want to live in and that is why, many people prefer to build their own homes.
They like the fact that they can control all the aspects of building a home and change and arrange and build things exactly in accordance to their preferences.
Here the information will give you a brief insight into the building process of a new home. Continue reading for some clarity and direction.

Building a Home Step by Step

● Make a plan of the layout. You can either do this on your own, or in consultation with an architect.
● Once the plan is ready, start off by marking the area and leveling it with the help of gravel and soil so that it forms a leveled base to build the house upon.
● After it has been leveled, mark the area with concrete molds and then fill these with concrete. Concrete molds control the pouring of concrete and make it uniform and even. Once the concrete has set, these molds can be easily removed.
● Set up building lines around the marked areas. These are put in to ensure that the level and thickness of concrete that is being poured in is equal all around. Check the leveling with the help of a machine.
● Once the concrete has formed a strong and even base, you can start off with the floor. People either go in for wood flooring panels or concrete slabs. Decide one and commence with installing the same.
This is the ideal time to make arrangements for pest control and termites and installing moisture barriers. Make sure to fill the spaces with dirt and gravel, thus compacting the foundation well.
● Once the base has been set, mark the frames that will become the walls of your house by placing them on the floor.
Mark the different sections and joints that will allow windows and doors. This will become the frame that will allow you to construct the wood frame. Based on the design, build the basic outer frame of the house with wooden planks.
● With the outer frame of the house in place, install the external siding as well as the structures that will support the windows and doors. Build on the same structure and make provisions for windows.
● After the wood frame is complete, build the basic frame work for the roof as well.
Using trusses (triangulated system of interconnected elements) is considered the best option because it allows for a sturdy base to build on.
● Using the material of your choice, cover the basic structure of the house and the roof with wood paneling.
● Once the outer frame and walls are ready, install a roof felt over the roof base. This acts as a moisture barrier, and forms a base for the roof tiling to be fitted over.
● Next, install the final roof with the material of your choice. Some of the choices include sheet metal panels, shingles, terra cotta tiles, and rolled steel.
● Install piping and plumbing lines along with the heating and cooling system and the electrical panels for the home.
● When done, create a solid ceiling. There are a number of materials and products that can be used for this purpose. Sheetrock, drywall gypsum wallboards, acoustical ceiling tiles, or natural wood lumber are some of the preferred materials.
● Next, install the wall boards and wood paneling on the interior walls. These panels are usually placed at about 1 cm above the ground so as to avoid spills of any kind. Along with that, place the wall trims after having painted the walls.
● For the final step, install the flooring.
● The house is now ready for living.
You will easily learn how to build a house after you understand the basic concepts and requirements of home building. Home building requires a lot of patience, interest, and hard work and it is important for you to stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout this task.