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How to Build a Meat Smoker?

Loveleena Rajeev Sep 29, 2018
A meat smoker will not only cook the meat right, but fan out enough smoke to envelope the meat and allow the flavor to penetrate right inside it. Therefore, learn how to build a meat smoker, which will benefit all those who love to eat and treat.
Meat smokers are raw meat cooking appliances that are used to cure meat, while cooking them. Earlier, they were big cumbersome structures; however, the present ones are small and easy to operate.
They come in two types; electric and gas smokers, and are often used as extensions to a traditional wood fueled outdoor meat smoker.
This appliance also monitors the temperature of the flame, to ensure that the meat does not burn or stay uncooked. This smoking method is quite simple. The meat is placed on a rack in the smoker, and the wood meant for burning, below it. Once the flame is lit, the smoker produces enough heat and smoke to cook the meat.
This device is a closed unit. The cover enables the seasoning or marinate to be absorbed through the cuts made on the meat, imparting it with a smoked flavor and taste. Smoked meat makes an excellent outdoor party food. Here, you can learn how to build a meat smoker and enjoy the taste of well cooked and smoked meat.
This appliance can be built from metal, wood, or brick and mortar. Smoking meat is like cooking it using an indirect application of heat that is generated by burning wood.

Materials required

  • Large metal can with a lid
  • Electric hot plate
  • Small metal box
  • Temperature device
  • Mesh
  • Wood chips
  • Power cord
  • Driller

Steps to be Followed

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to make two holes for the power cord and the temperature checking device in the base of the can.
  • Place the electric plate at the bottom of the can, and using the driller, drill two holes in the base.
  • Connect the cord to the electric plate, and pull it out from the drilled hole, and through the second hole, connect the electric plate to the temperature device.
  • Place the small metal box on the electric plate, and fill it up wood chips.
  • Plug the power cord, and switch it on to temperatures between 220oF and 230oF.
  • As the electric plate starts to heat, the wood chips in the metal box will start to smoke. Fix the mesh on top of the can, and place the lid on it.
  • After ten minutes, place the marinated meat on the mesh, and once again, close the lid for at least an hour.
  • Since it is getting cooked on slow temperatures, it will be a while before it is ready. Keep flipping it whenever you open the lid.
  • One needs to keep adding more wood chips to keep the smoke from billowing out. Try dampening the wood for a more smoky environment in the device.
Also, build a meat smoker using a mud flower pot or a terracotta pot. The process is the same as the one mentioned here. Take care while drilling holes, as it could lead to development of cracks in the mud or terracotta pot. Some people who use mud pots for smoking meat, find it to be better flavored, in comparison to the one smoked in metal smokers.
However, for a die-hard foodie, metal, wood, mud, or brick will impart just the right smoke to add flavor to the meat. Building a meat smoker is easy, and the only thing one needs to handle, are the number of compliments that will come your way!