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How to Change a Light Bulb

Sheetal Mandora Jun 18, 2019
Changing light bulbs an easy task, when you have the right tools to work with, and proper guidelines to lead you. Read this story to learn how simple it is to change a light bulb in your car, home, and microwave.
Gone are the days when we used to rely on the handyman to get all the work done around the house. Today, with so little time and tons of responsibilities, it truly becomes difficult to wait for someone to get a few jobs done in the house.
So instead of waiting around, why don't you complete this task at hand? Whether it's your car, a lamp in the house, or the microwave, changing a light bulb is easy peasy.

Car Light Bulb

  • To change or replace a car headlight bulb, you'll require a screwdriver, flashlight, and a new bulb (make sure it's from the same brand as the original bulb).
  • First, pop the hood and place the flashlight directly behind the headlight. This is to see if your car's headlight has a back cover or not. If yes, then take the screwdriver and open the back cover. This will give you access to the light bulb.
  • Once the back cover is out, you need to search for the wiring component of the headlight. Here, it may be connected with plastic clips.
  • You need to detach these clips and gently tug on the wiring, and bring it on one side.
  • Once you finish this step, you should easily view the bulb. Next, you will detach the bulb.
  • Just as you removed the old bulb, attach the new on in its place. Make sure it is secured properly.
  • Before you place the plastic clips and back cover on, turn on the headlights to test them.
  • If they are working fine, place the wiring and back cover in its place, and put the screws back on.

Ceiling Fixture Light Bulb

  • Here, you will require a ladder, light bulb, and a screwdriver.
  • First, turn the light off and keep the ladder underneath it. Climb on the ladder without the screwdriver in your hand.
  • See if you are close enough to the light fixture and can replace the bulb easily. Also, make sure you are not standing on the highest step of the ladder to reach this fixture.
  • Check which screwdriver you're going to require in order to reach the light bulb. Accordingly, select a screwdriver and remove them from the ceiling fixture.
  • First, remove the cover and then the old light bulb.
  • Take the new bulb and fix it in place. Now, go down the ladder one more time and take the cover back up. Every time you climb up and down the ladder, be sure not to carry more than one item along.
  • Once the cover is in place, turn the light on and check if the bulb works.

Microwave Light Bulb

  • To change the bulb, you'll need a flat-head screwdriver and light bulb.
  • First of all, remove the plug from the outlet when you are working with the microwave oven. You need to wait about 20 minutes so that the capacitor is completely loses its charge.
  • With the right screwdriver, remove all the screws you can find on the microwave casing. Be very careful while working.
  • Once the screws are out, lift the cover off and spot the bulb on either side of the microwave.
  • You will have to remove the old bulb and replace it with the new one; be sure to attach the right model or all this work will go to waste. Place the cover back on along with the screws, and plug the microwave in.
  • Turn it on to check if the light bulb is working or not.