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How to Choose a Customer-friendly Appliance Repair Service

How to Choose an Appliance Repair Service
Sometimes, appliance repair service personnel take their own sweet time to respond to clients. This becomes a stressing experience, especially if the malfunctioning appliance is an important one. Here are some tips to help you choose the right appliance repair service.
Meghna Wani
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2018
Don't Replace, Repair!
Technician and air conditioner
Before you take a decision to replace any appliance, check if it can be fixed. Sometimes, a quick, minor, and inexpensive repair is all that is needed, which can save you the huge amount of money needed to replace the appliance.
Getting a non-functioning appliance fixed can be a big chore. Ask someone who has come home after nine, ten, or twelve hours of work, to a washing machine that just won't start. As the cliched adage goes: been there done that! A broken appliance is a big time peace-of-mind sucker.
But the appliance just cannot sit there, it has to work, so we have to do the inevitable; calling an appliance repair service. Therefore, allow us to give you a quick list of to-dos while choosing the right appliance repairing service in your area.
Ask for Referrals
Start the search for a good appliance repair service by asking your friends and family about 'referrals'. People in your neighborhood could also help you with the phone number of a local appliance repair service.
If somebody is recommending a specific appliance repair service, it means that they have already used it once, and are satisfied with the service they provide. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will also get good service.
Search Through Various Sources
If you do not get any substantial results by word-of-mouth inquiry, start searching through other sources, such as Yellow Pages, classified ads in local newspapers, and on the Internet.
Call and Inform Them About..
The Type of Appliance
Once you find a phone number, give them a call and tell them about the type of appliance that needs repairing. It should not be assumed that anyone who fixes appliances will fix all types of appliances. A washer repairing technician may not be well versed with the nuances of repairing an air conditioner.
Model or Brand of the Appliance
The next step is to inform them about the model or the brand of your appliance. Sometimes, it may happen that the service company may not have spare parts for the specific brand you own. Most of the time, you will get an affirmative answer, but in case you don't, it is better to move on and call another company.
Inquire About..
The Duration they Have Been in Business
If you get an affirmative answer, politely and diplomatically ask about how long they have been in business under the same name and in the same location. Also ask if they are insured and if they have the state license to run an appliance repairing service. The insurance should be current and the license should be valid.
Details of the Technician
If you get a positive response, inquire about the technicians. Start by asking them if they regularly train their technicians. Also, ask if the technicians are required to pass drug, alcohol, and other background tests and checks, and if the technicians are required to wear uniforms that can identify the name of the company.
Always ask the name of the technician that they will be sending. You should also find out if it is possible to talk to the visiting technician about the problem before he pays a visit.
Tell Them the Exact Problem
Try to speak to the executive or the technician about the problem you are facing. Tell them the exact scenario in detail. For example, if you have kept your central heating off in summer and want it to get switched on in autumn, it is possible that it may not start properly. In such a case, you have to tell them the exact details of what is happening.
Like, if the radiator is not warming up, or if there is a funny noise coming from the boiler. In response, you will get a few possibilities that might have occurred, and also the estimated price for the repair work. If they don't answer, you might want to think twice about contracting them for the job.
Do hesitate to ask these questions. From a customer's point of view, it is necessary to be sure before you let anybody in your house. Just keep in mind that while inquiring on the telephone, you should keep the tone of your speech inquisitive and not aggressive.
Compare Prices
If you get a feeling that the price that they have quoted is too high, do not book them. Assure them that you will call back and confirm. Check and compare the prices with other similar appliance repair services. It may happen that some appliance service companies are very popular.
These popular service companies apply extensive marketing gimmicks, like advertising, etc., to make themselves visible, and then try to get the money back by charging higher fees to the customers. Beware of such services. It is not that they would provide bad service, but only that they would charge an exorbitant amount for it.
Lastly, in case you find that the service was slow, and the company took a long time to respond to your call, do not opt for them next time. They are not concerned about your well-being and safety, because electrical appliances need to be fixed immediately, or they can cause serious damage to your house.