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Tips on How to Choose Wireless Intercoms That Suits Your Home

Wireless intercom systems are the natural choice for anybody looking for an intra-house communication system. In this article, you will find guidelines on how to choose wireless intercoms for homes that exactly suit user requirements.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Tired of running errands around your house, are you? Are you looking for an electronic device which can help you directly communicate with visitors at the door? Then what you need to get installed is a wireless intercom system. Of the many wireless communication gadgets that abound the electronic market, ranging from cell phones, wireless routers, wireless doorbells and cordless phones, the gadget designed for easy and free intra-home or intra-office communication is a wireless intercom system.
About Wireless Intercom Systems
Before talking about how to select a wireless intercom system, let me describe what this gadget can do for you. Designed to replace wired intercom systems used in homes and office, wireless intercom systems communicate over radio waves to offer short distance connectivity. A typical system consists of multiple transreceivers that provide voice communication facility. From a unit installed in your bedroom, you may call up your children in their bedroom or talk to anybody visiting at the door. Some of these systems offer video calling, which lets you make calls within your sprawling estate, while also functioning like a CCTV monitoring mechanism.
It can not only save you time, but also provide practically free communication. For large estates, a wireless intercom system is an absolutely essential installation. They come in various types ranging from wireless door intercom systems to baby monitors. If you have decided to buy such a system for your home, the wireless intercom buying guide presented in the next section will interest you.
How to Choose Wireless Intercoms For Homes?
Like any electronic gadget, even wireless intercoms have certain specifications which you must check out before going ahead with the purchase. Before you even start checking out reviews, determine the number of communication points within the house where you will need to install an intercom unit and the maximum distance over which the units will have to communicate. Here are the features that you need to check out when buying a new wireless intercom system.
Right Operating Frequency Range
There are various frequency ranges over which wireless intercom systems may communicate. The most common one is the 900 MHz range, used for short distance communication up to a 1000 feet. Digital spread spectrum wireless intercom devices working in the 900 MHz range offer secure communication and are the most preferred devices. For very long distance intercom communication, what you need is an MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) range wireless intercom, that facilitates long distance, two way radio communication. Choose the frequency range that best suits your communication requirements. The 900 MHz digital spread spectrum products are highly recommended, as they offer secure communication with least interference.
Maximum Communication Range
Check out the listed maximum communication range of the wireless intercom device. See to it that the maximum range is well beyond what you would require for communication within your house or estate.
Secure Calling & Video Calling Feature
See to it that the intercom offers secure calling with protection from eavesdropper interference. That way, you can rest assured that nobody else is listening to your private communication. If you plan to use the unit as a wireless doorbell, you can opt for special system that allows for this feature with inbuilt video calling facility.
Single and Multiple Channel Communication
The intercom must provide you with the facility to communicate with a single unit exclusively, as well as multiple units simultaneously. Most modern wireless intercom systems offer this feature. Also see to it that the system allows for connection of additional multiple communication units, which you may have to connect, in the near future.
From the wide variety of products available in the market, using the guide presented above, you can choose a wireless intercom system that has all the features that would ideally suit your needs. To summarize, choose a device that can offer long distance communication with support for multiple additional units which can be added later. Selective and secured communication link without interference, simultaneous connectivity with multiple units and easy installation are some of the features you should look out for. Check out as many different product reviews as possible, before choosing one.