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How to Clean Blinds

Medha Godbole Apr 10, 2019
Window blinds are what give your home or your office a different touch, and they could be called window enhancements! However, be it venetian, wooden, or any other type of blinds, they need meticulous care and regular cleaning. This post describes how to clean blinds.
They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. Imagine that you have a party at your place and loads of people have been invited. Everything is set except for the cleanliness part.
So, where do you start? From the windows, of course! Start with the window blinds, the most overlooked part of your house, and you will have cleaned the house within no time. Although blinds look pretty, they can give you a hard time while cleaning. This task can be made easy by following these simple tricks mentioned here:

Cleaning the Grease

For cleaning greasy aluminum window blinds, use ammonia mixed with water. They can be cleaned by placing in a hot bath with a little detergent, or by using a mixture of baking soda and water.
If they are made out of a different material, say cloth, then remove them and put them on a towel. Use water and mild detergent mix as a cleaning product. Dip a baby toothbrush in the water mixture and softly brush them. Make sure that the brush does not become too greasy, otherwise it will soil the blinds instead of cleaning them.

Cleaning Dirt and Dust

Now this calls for a different cleaning strategy. For making cloth window blinds free of dirt, keep a vacuum cleaner handy. Ensure that the brush is dust-free.
Non-greasy, but dirty and dusty, aluminum blinds can be made to look as if they are brand new simply by spraying them with water detergent mixture and then wiping them clean with a cotton rag. These can also be cleaned by soaking in a tub with a detergent solution and then just washing them under a shower.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Prima facie, wooden blinds are quite easy to clean; only make sure you do not clean or wash them with water. Instead, you can use lemon oil for this purpose, or just vacuum and dust them.
Amongst other things, use a feather duster or a damp cloth dipped in a made-for-wood cleaner to clean wooden blinds. While cleaning, open them one way and clean them, and then open them facing the other way to clean the other side. This will ensure that you have cleaned both the sides.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be of any material: wood, cloth, or aluminum. Dust can't be prominently noticed on them unlike in case of horizontal blinds, but they require regular cleaning nevertheless. All these methods can be used to clean vertical blinds; however, the trick is to protect the windows behind and the floor below them as well.
Once that is taken care of, there is absolutely no problem. Removing them and cleaning them in a bathtub is the easiest way, barring the exception of wooden blinds, which will need to be vacuum-cleaned and dusted.
Apart from all this, the best and the easiest way is to have white vinegar and an old sock or a cotton glove at your disposal. Place it on your hand and dip the tips (fingers) of the sock or the glove in the container having vinegar, and simply run your fingers through both the sides of the slat for removing the dust.
Clean each slat by using this method; just keep checking that the sock has not become too dirty, or it will make the slats even more dirty than they were before.
This is how you can have sparkling clean window blinds. Do not be blinded by the dust and grime on your blinds. Tackle them, for you are now equipped with all the knowledge on how that can be done. Cheers!