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How to Clean Bamboo Rugs: 11 Super Simple Tips

Buzzle Staff Apr 7, 2019
Found in plentiful in nature, bamboo is one of the toughest growing plants on the planet. What makes bamboo a really good option for flooring is that it is naturally beautiful and requires a low maintenance routine!
Beautiful and eco-friendly, this is how the new entry in the flooring market is described! These rugs that are made out of bamboo are just as durable as hardwood floors and natural fiber rugs, but yes they are gorgeous compared to the other two!
Bamboo is used to make a variety of products with the range of floor coverings including small mats to bamboo rugs that provide a large enough base to place the dining furniture upon.
These rugs that are made of bamboo can be woven using fine strips that are either mixed with other natural materials such as jute or come bound with cotton fibers. Bamboo rugs also come mounted on a felt or provided with a fabric backing.
The edge of the bamboo rug is provided with a cotton binding and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. These rugs are a good investment if you want to add texture, dimension and a decorative touch to a room's d├ęcor. This rug also provides a great option for covering large closed outside areas like the screened porch and gazebo.

Here is information that will help you keep your bamboo rug squeaky clean.

  • To clean the rug everyday, simply lift the rug and shake it to remove the loose dirt.
  • To alter the traffic pattern on the rug, rotate the rug periodically every six months.
  • If you are used to vacuuming, you can use both the upright and canister cleaners to clean up your rug. While vacuuming it is advisable to vacuum from various directions making several passes over an area many times to achieve the desired results.
  • Spills should be treated instantly. If liquids cause the spill, then it should be blotted with a clean cloth that is undyed. To absorb the spill, just press the cloth firmly around it for maximum absorption.
  • Use a spatula or spoon to remove solid materials and then wipe the affected area with a cloth that is turned frequently and kept clean. Repeat this process until the spot is not visible anymore.
  • The carpet can be dried by wiping with a cloth or absorbent tissue. To dry it further, you can turn the fan or hair dryer on the stain.

Bamboo Rug Maintenance Tips

  • Do not place the bamboo rug in direct sunlight.
  • Remember to store the rug indoors after it has been used outside.
  • Place the rugs away from rain or other sources of water. If the rug does get wet, wipe it dry and then hang it out until it dries out completely.
  • Wait for the rug to dry out completely before rolling it up.
  • Only place a bamboo rug on the floor after you have checked to see that the floor area is completely dry.