How to Clean a Coffee Grinder Yourself

Looking for an easy way to clean your coffee grinder? Read this article for an easy way to get rid of the coffee remains in your grinder. It's easy and time saving! Read more...
Cleaning up your coffee grinder is that one thing we keep procrastinating. This is because cleaning it can be tedious as coffee power when exposed to moisture gets obstinately stuck on the grinder. In this article, I am going to give you an easy way to clean your coffee grinder.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Grinder

You need to clean your grinder not only because you need to do that occasionally but because grinding new coffee in an unclean grinder can spoil the flavor of your newly ground coffee. The flavor and the aroma of the coffee is attained only from the oil that secretes from the coffee beans, when you grind them. When you crunch the coffee beans, the oil from it stays on the grinder; which after sometime, becomes ill-flavored and sour. Now, when you grind the new coffee in it, it will also take up the rancid flavor of the stale oil and ruin your freshly ground coffee's taste.

So, to avoid this you will have to clean your coffee grinder a little more often than you normally do. Don't worry! After having convinced you to clean your coffee maker often, I am going to show you a simple way to do it. Just follow the procedure that I am now going to mention and make your life simpler.

Cleaning a Coffee Grinder Using Rice

Things You'll Need

1. Uncooked Rice

2. Toothbrush (not soft)

3. Clean Cloth


Step 1. Take about half a cup of rice (which will fill the grinder just above the blades) and grind it in the coffee grinder till it pulverizes.

Step 2. Check the color of the rice powder. If the rice is brownish that means the rice powder has absorbed the oil from the grinder.

Step 3. Trash the rice powder out of the grinder and use a clean cloth (preferably cotton) to wipe away the rice powder residuals.

Step 4. If you think the coffee oil is still there on the grinder, then grind some more rice again and follow the same procedure as before. Though if there are coffee lands on the grinder then you can also use a toothbrush to scrap it out and then grind the rice in it.

Step 5. This time you should get plain white colored or maybe slightly brownish rice powder. Trash it again and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Step 6. Check how clean your grinder has now become. Mostly, (Depending on how dirty your grinder was) after all this, you'll be able to grind your coffee beans to get fresh coffee powder.

Step 7. If you are still a little dubious about its cleanliness then take a small quantity of coffee beans (about half a cup), grind it, thrash it, wipe the grinder and then start grinding the coffee beans for use.

Using uncooked dry-rice for cleaning your coffee grinder is the most effective and a widely used practice. You could also use the same procedure mentioned above in case you want to clean your spice grinder too.

There are a few things that you need to take care of while cleaning your coffee grinder. Firstly, never clean your coffee grinder directly with water. Secondly, keep the grinder unplugged while cleaning, to avoid electrocution. Thirdly, always wipe the exterior part of your grinder using a moist cloth (not wet).

Isn't it really easy to clean your coffee grinder? And trust me it's not just easier said but equally easier done!

Tip: Grind your coffee beans just before you want to make your coffee. As, once pulverized, coffee starts losing its taste and aroma.

Enjoy your coffee, you Coffeeholics!