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How to Clean Copper

How to Clean Copper

Cleaning copper, believe us, is not as tedious as it seems. In this HomeQuicks article, we put forth some simple tips which will help you pull off this task with ease.
HomeQuicks Staff
Copper is one of the most versatile metals in the world. Found in abundance, it is used in production of several things, ranging from coins and jewelry to utensils and sinks. The use of copper has been increasing day by day, and the credit of this goes to its astounding properties. The metal does tarnish when it comes in contact with certain gases in the atmosphere, but it doesn't rust like other metals.

Tips to Clean Copper

The thin layer of tarnish present on copper gives it a reddish brown color and acts as a protective layer. At the same time though, it gives the metal an undesirable look, which doesn't go down well with most people, so they prefer to get rid of it. Discussed below are some simple methods by which you can clean different copper items using readily available ingredients, like salt and vinegar.

Copper Jewelry: Though copper jewelry has become a thing of the past, its vintage touch still makes it desirable for some people. Cleaning copper jewelry with lemon and salt can enhance its luster, and make it more appealing. Prepare a solution of warm water, a teaspoon of salt, and a few drops of lime juice. Put the jewelry you want to clean into this solution and keep it there for a few minutes. After some time, remove it from the solution, rinse it thoroughly, and wipe it dry. The luster of your jewelry is bound to make people envy of your possession.

Copper Cookware: With time, copper cookware tends to get discolored and tarnished, so one has to make sure that it is cleaned once in a while. In order to clean it, cut a lemon into two halves, apply some salt on its inner portion, and rub it on the tarnished area of the utensil. The salt will act as an abrasive, while lemon will act as a cleaner, and the combination will clean the tarnished area. You can also clean these utensils by putting them in boiling water, with a tablespoon of salt and a cup of white vinegar. After boiling them for a few hours, wash them with warm water and wipe them dry with a soft cloth. Doing this once in a while, will make sure that the luster of the metal stays and your cookware looks attractive.

Copper Sinks: Copper sinks are meant to add to the elegance of your kitchen, but if they are not cleaned properly, they don't just look unattractive, but also start deteriorating. Cleaning these sinks with copper cleaner is not recommended, as it is known to harm the metal. Your best bet is to use soap and water. More importantly, by not using it to dispose leftovers, which are acidic in nature, you can ensure that the sink does not discolor or deteriorate in the first place.

Copper Coins: Copper coins are prized collection for many, but the tarnish on them robs them of the luster and makes them look unattractive. In such a scenario, you are left with no option but to clean them. Cleaning these coins is a simple task. You just require some table salt and vinegar. Prepare a paste of table salt and vinegar, and apply it on the coins. Let it stay on for some time, and then remove it, your coins will look just like new. However, make sure that you don't use this method with valuable coins, as it may result in undesired tone of luster to the coin.

Whilst going through these tips, you must have realized that it is not as tedious task as it seems, which shouldn't really come as a surprise, considering that you clean it using some simple ingredients, which are readily available in your kitchen.
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