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How to Clean a Laundry Room? Here's a Safe and Quick Procedure

How to Clean a Laundry Room
A laundry room is the place where you get the dirt off your clothes so they can be fresh and clean. But, ironically, most people don't keep the room clean itself. Why is it that we neglect to clean the place that we use to do our dirty work? Definitely not a good habit.
Urvashi Pokharna
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
The place where you do your laundry and iron it too, the laundry or utility room, is the one place that is more likely to accumulate muck and become messy than any other part of the house, especially if you are living with a family. It's not always the sullied laundry making your room dirty, unless it is overflowing by heaps and bounds. It's dirty because you haven't cared to clean it in a really long time. It is so embarrassing when someone visits your house and happens to come across the clutter along with the stench of dampness. It is really not a herculean task to clean a utility room. You have just been too lazy and busy merry-making instead of taking care of the dirty laundry. Rather than mindlessly closing the door of the room and pushing it further down your to-do list, let's clean it and make it a regular household chore.
How to Clear a Laundry Room
Reach the Ceiling
Cleaning air duct
Look up at the ceiling of your laundry or utility room and you will know what I am talking about. When was the last time you bothered to clean those cobwebs? I don't think you even remember that. Get a broom and climb onto the chair. Swirling your broom in all the corners of the room, dust them well. Do not forget to clean the fans and the ventilators too. Else, they will keep circulating dust when you dry out your squeaky clean clothes. Vacuum them, if required.
Clean the Sink
Scrubbing the shink
Soaking your soiled clothes in the sink leads to accumulation of dirt over time and gives it a really bad odor. Also, the murky surface needs to be cleaned so you can keep soaking your clothes in a sanitized sink. Here is a tip. Add a cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking soda and detergent. Use this mixture to lather the sink and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Now, scrub it well with a sponge to make sure that all the dirt is buffed away. Block the drainage of the sink and fill it up with water. Let it sit for another 10 minutes. Drain and wash. This is a great way to clean the sink and leave it sparkling and odorless.
Clean the Laundry Basket
Laundry basket
A lot of people forget a very crucial part of, cleaning the basket. Turn it upside down and see for yourself. There is so much dirt that accumulates underneath it and we often forget to clean it. You use your tub everyday to transfer dirty and clean laundry, so it is very important that you clean the laundry basket too. Use a regular detergent and sponge for this purpose.
De-clutter the Countertops
Dustbin in laundry
Are you using your washer's top or the platform as a private museum of what's-in-my-pockets-today? Well, take a look at your utility room. All that clutter is making it look disorderly. Plus, it takes too much time trying to sort out all that clutter of old bills, pennies and everything else you managed to shove it to your pockets in the past few weeks. Always keep a dustbin in the laundry or utility room to discard any unwanted litter found in the pockets and all those used dryer sheets. For the rest, clear them immediately and do not keep anything in the room.
Mop the Floor
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum the floor everyday and use a disinfectant and floor cleaner twice a week. This will ensure that your floor remains clean so you do not have to worry about exposing your clothes to germs if they fall on the floor. It is quite gross to have a dusty floor when you are doing your laundry. In fact, any water dropping in the floor can make it a muddy mess.
Disinfect the Machine
Pouring powder into machine
Your washing machine that helps you clean your dirty laundry everyday needs some cleaning of its own too. The residue left from washing the clothes along with chemicals in your fabric cleaning agents leads to an accumulation of build up inside the machine. To end this problem, load a full machine of hot water, without clothes, and add a cup of baking powder, bleach and vinegar. Run it for a complete cycle. This will kill the bacteria and remove the smell of mold simultaneously. Keep the lid open so it can air dry for a day.
Other Tips
  • Always wipe off the washer, counter and floor when wet, after you do your laundry. Else, stagnant water will corrode these surfaces. This will also prevent the formation of mold.
Spray bottle
  • Weekly wipe off the washer and dryer with a sanitizing solution to keep them looking as glossy as new. Use a soft cloth for this purpose.
Woman cleaning window
  • May be this is a bit too much, but I'd suggest that you clean the door and window knobs too. Your hands carry a lot of germs that you transfer to everything you touch, knobs being a regular host for them.
Dryer paper in laundry
  • Place a dryer sheet in all the drawers of your laundry room. They will soak up excess moisture and keep the drawers smelling fresh.
Lint trap filter
  • Also, weekly clean the lint trap. Soak it in a mug of hot water with a tablespoon of your regular detergent or bleach.
  • To clean the dryer, use an old toothbrush or a soft damp cloth and dip it in vodka or vinegar or bleach.
  • While you are sweeping the floor, don't forget to clean those hard to reach corners underneath and behind the washer. These places tend to have a lot of gunk build up.
Your laundry or utility room could be an entire room or a part of a room designated for this purpose. There are many design ideas that you can use to make efficient use of the space and keep it immaculate.