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How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Sonia Nair Jan 9, 2019
Microfiber is fast gaining popularity as an upholstery material. Here are some tips about how to clean a microfiber couch properly.
Microfiber is one of the popular upholstery fabrics and is made of synthetic fibers, especially polyester and nylon. This material is available in a variety of colors and designs. Nowadays, microfiber furniture is highly popular, as the material is said to be long-lasting and easy to clean.
Another advantage of microfiber fabric is that it resembles suede (leather) in appearance. This is one of the reasons behind the popularity of microfiber as upholstery. Microfiber fabric that is used as upholstery repels water and so, it does not absorb spills and stains.
Even though, this material does not absorb spills and stains, it cannot be said that microfiber is completely stain-proof. Microfiber also needs to be cleaned after a certain point of time or when it gets stained or spoiled.

Microfiber Couch Cleaning

Microfiber furniture is often sold with assurances that they are long-lasting and stain-proof. However, you have to understand that there are various types of microfiber, with different properties.
First of all, ensure that the microfiber fabric used in your couch is of the best quality. Even then, it cannot be said that the furniture with such best quality microfiber will not get spoiled or stained. Otherwise too, you have to clean the material at one point or other.
Though, microfiber has water-repelling property, it may sometimes absorb liquids and form stains. If you do not know the right technique to clean a microfiber couch, you may end up damaging it. The following tips and guidelines will give you an overall idea about this task.

Understand the Microfiber Codes

Before starting with the various aspects of cleaning a microfiber couch, you must have a basic idea about microfiber codes. All you have to do is to check the tag of the microfiber furniture, for the code. These tags have alphabets that denote the cleaning method.
If the tag is with the alphabet 'W', then it means that you can use water-based cleaning solutions. If it is 'S', then, you have to use solvent-based cleaners only. If it is 'S-W', you may use any of the water-based or solvent-based cleaners.
Some of these tags have alphabet 'X' on them and this denotes that you should not use any cleaning solution on such microfiber furniture.
In such cases, vacuuming can be done or you may use dry products for cleaning. Even though, you know that a particular code stands for a certain form of cleaning, there are still chances that you spoil the couch, if you do not clean the upholstery, in a proper way.
Microfiber upholstery repels water, but it may absorb moisture (in large amounts), if the water is not removed properly and quickly. As a result, the fabric may develop water rings. The same applies to oil and other liquids.

Cleaning a Microfiber Couch Properly

So, even if you know the microfiber code in your furniture, you must know how to clean it properly. If there is no such code, you have to try the cleaning products on some inconspicuous part of the couch and find out what is effective in cleaning it, without causing damage.
First of all, you have to remove the dust and dry dirt from the couch, on a regular basis. This can be done with a powerful vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment, once a week. You may use a mild soap solution (or appropriate cleaning solution) for cleaning a microfiber couch, after vacuuming.
All you have to do is to apply the solution on dirty areas, with a soft and clean cloth. Gently press these spots, till the dirt and grime transfers to this cloth. Don't rub or apply extra pressure, as microfiber may absorb the liquid and form water rings.
If liquid cleaning solutions are not suitable for your couch, then get a mild power laundry detergent, brush it lightly on the couch and remove with a vacuum cleaner.
If the manufacturer has provided instructions about the same, you have to follow them only. Otherwise too, you may approach the manufacturer and gain information about the cleaning part. If it is not possible, try the methods discussed here. Make sure to try the cleaning solution on some inconspicuous part (of the couch) and then proceed, if found effective.

Microfiber Couch Cleaning Tips

What if the couch sustains spills and stains? How to remove offending smells from the couch? Let's find out the answers.
  • In case of spills, it is always better to act quickly. Even though, microfiber upholstery does not soak liquids, sometimes it may happen otherwise. So, never scrub or rub the spillage, but use a soft terry cloth or paper towel to blot the liquid, before it gets soaked up by the fabric.
  • For an oil spill, you have to use specialized oil-removing products meant for microfiber. The oil has to be dissolved and removed, before it seeps in through the fabric. Apply the product and blot the area quickly, so as to avoid formation of stains.
  • In case of stains, you can use a mild soap or detergent (without bleach) for cleaning. However, never resort to scrubbing. Dab the soap solution with a soft, clean cloth and blot it. Repeat the process, till the stain is removed and blot it dry.
  • If the stain is still there, you can go for dry cleaning products, which should be used as per the instructions on the package. Even microfiber cleaners are available in the market and you can use the one that is best suited for you.
  • For removing offending odors from a microfiber couch, sprinkle some baking soda on its surfaces and vacuum after some time. If there are moist areas on the couch, apply a fine mist of baking soda, so as to avoid dried white marks.
  • Microfiber upholstery may turn dry and hard, once it is treated with liquid solutions. You can make it soft again, by brushing gently with a soft brush.
If the furniture does not come with any tag or instructions, then you must check with the manufacturer for specialized products, which are meant for cleaning your microfiber couch and covers. You may also call professionals, who are experts in this task.
In case of microfiber slip cover, you can wash it in a washing machine, after consulting the manufacturer. All you have to do is to pre-treat the stains before putting the cover in the machine. Wash it on delicate cycle using cold water.
Add some diluted fabric detergents or cleaning solutions meant for microfiber or delicate fabrics. You can also use the dryer on tumble, using the lowest heat setting.