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Ultimate DIY Hacks on How to Clean Microfiber Pillows

How to Clean Microfiber Pillows
While most people may think that they'll never need to clean microfiber pillows, the truth is another story altogether. There are ways in which you can rid your pillows of adamant stains like water, paint or oil spills.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
So, you bought some really fancy microfiber pillows from the store because the manufacturer assured you that it can never get stained nor can it get damaged in any way. Soon you realize what a load of nonsense that was when you see that even water spilled on the pillows, if not cleaned off immediately, tends to leave spots behind. And now you must be keen to know how you can clean them, so that they look fresh and new again. Well then, this HomeQuicks article's the one for you.
Cleaning Microfiber Pillows
Step 1:
The first thing that you need to do is identify all the pillows that have stains on them. Keep them aside, separate from the other ones.
Step 2:
Now that you have the pillows segregated, you can either remove the covers from the pillows or keep them on. Fill up half a bucket of lukewarm water.
Step 3:
Add enough detergent in the water to clean off all the stains from the pillows. Mix the detergent thoroughly to prevent clumps from forming.
Step 4:
Now, take a clean rag and dip it in this soapy mixture. Remove it from the water and squeeze it almost completely. Then, use the rag to gently rub on the stain that has been formed.
Step 5:
You can test if the detergent works by trying to clean a stain in another part of the pillow that cannot be seen. If it works, then proceed with the rest of the pillows.
Step 6:
After you're done cleaning the stains, you can either leave the pillows out to dry or you can dry them using a blow dryer turned on the 'cool' mode.
Step 7:
Once the stains are off and your pillows are dried, you can place the pillows back on the bed or if it's just the cases that you've washed, you can cover the pillows.
Cleaning the Pillow Cases
Step 1:
To clean only the cases, you need to take them off from the pillows and put them in the washing machine.
Step 2:
Now, add the required amount of gentle detergent, and turn on the washing machine. Make sure to set it on a gentle wash cycle.
Step 3:
Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the covers, and wring them dry or put them in a dryer on an 'air-dry' mode.
Step 4:
If you have wrung them, you can hang them to dry in the sun. Let them dry completely and then you can either iron them to remove any creases that may have formed or you can cover the pillows and simply run a brush over them to smoothen out the creases and ends.
Tips to Keep in Mind while Cleaning Microfiber Pillows
pillow and brush
~ Always use a very mild detergent to clean out stains that appear on the fabric. If you only have strong detergent, make sure you dilute it enough.

~ When you come across a fresh spot or spill, there's no need to get out your detergent and rag. Simply dab out the stain from the spot. Don't rub it, the spill will only seep deeper into the fabric and make it that much more difficult to clean.
~ The best products to use to clean microfiber are the ones that are specifically manufactured for the purpose. However, if you don't clean the pillows at home, make sure that you insist on the laundry person using a dry-cleaning technique to clean it.

~ Alcohol can be used to clean microfiber, because microfiber is basically nothing but polyester. So, you can rub some vodka on the stain and clean it off.
steam on the pillow
~ Sometimes, microfiber has the tendency to harden up after it has been cleaned. To get rid of this, you can either press it with an iron or use a brush.

~ For unappealing odors left behind after cleaning, you can dust the cleaned area with some baking soda. It will absorb not only the odor, but also any liquid residue that has been left behind by the cleaning agent that you have used.
Alright then, your tutorial on dealing with microfiber cleaning ends right here. Get those dirty pillow cleaned and looking as good as new right away! Happy cleaning!