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How to Clean a Porcelain Sink

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Apr 14, 2019
Learn how to clean a porcelain sink and make your kitchen fixture gleam like a brand new one. Regular cleaning of porcelain sink is also a part of the maintenance guidelines for increasing its durability.
The elegant style of a white colored porcelain sink is something unique, which adds to its huge popularity amongst homeowners. Since the last few decades, the market demand for this product has never gone down.
However, the maintenance part of porcelain sink is not as easy as we want it to be, particularly when it is installed in the kitchen. And if you want a shining sink that lasts a lifetime, then learn how to clean a porcelain sink properly.

Tips on Cleaning a Porcelain Kitchen Sink

This plumbing fixture is prepared by fusing a glass surface with a metal and clay base. The high temperature treatment and raw materials make porcelain enamel a hard unit. But, it is still susceptible to scratches, dents, fractures and stains.
Also, remember that it is not acid proof, and exposure to acidic cleaners will wear away the glass surface. This again increases the chances of developing unwanted stains and damages. The following are the steps to clean a porcelain sink.

Things You Need

Wearing protective gloves is advisable before you begin cleaning a kitchen sink. Other supplies that you will require include white vinegar solution, a soft bristle brush, sponges and clean kitchen towels.
In case you are using a commercial cleansing agent, do not apply it directly. Instead, conduct a spot test to see if it is safe for the porcelain sink or not. If yes, then only proceed for the further cleaning process.

Disinfect Porcelain Sink

Repeated exposure to water, foods and beverages make the porcelain sink a breeding ground for pathogenic microbes. So, your first approach for porcelain sink cleaning is killing those microorganisms and removing greasy substances.
For this, the mildly acidic, white vinegar is an excellent solution. Spray it all over the sink including the corners, and scrub with the soft bristle brush. Vinegar cleaning also leaves the porcelain surface vitreous.

Clean Porcelain Sink

For a newly installed porcelain sink that is free of stains and major scratches, cleaning is as easy as applying a regular soapy solution prepared with warm water. Also, a solution of baking soda and warm water works great for cleaning debris and soap remains.
Then, wash thoroughly with plain water. Some people spray a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach for cleaning porcelain sinks.

Get Rid of Stains

Since it is repeatedly exposed to pigmented foods, sauces and oily dishes, stain development is quite obvious. Wondering how to clean a stained porcelain sink naturally? The best way to get rid of marks is using sodium percarbonate, commercially marketed as oxygen bleach.
Fill the sink with hot water and dissolve suggested amounts of bleach. Leave for 2 hours and rinse thoroughly with water and mild detergent. For fresh stains, you can rub the portions with citrus juices to lighten them.

Polish Porcelain Sink

For the porcelain material, occasional polishing is suggested to preserve the original glaze. In home supply centers, you will get porcelain gels, specially formulated for this purpose. Purchase a superior quality product and read the usage instructions.
You will need to clean the sink first, remove stains (if any) and dab it dry with clean towels prior to applying the gel. You can even use a soft cloth dampened with baby oil for polishing porcelain sink.

Other Maintenance Tips

Dealing with scratches doesn't come in the porcelain sink cleaning project. But, scouring the surface with a rough object or material will affect the finish and leave behind unsightly scratches, irrespective of how durable the porcelain material is.
For deep scratches and chips, you can use a repair kit. First clean and dry the affected spots and put the filling compound. Finish by coating the glaze to restore the shiny appearance.
After going through this info on cleaning a porcelain sink, you won't have to struggle a lot for maintaining this plumbing fixture. Just make sure that you exercise the cleaning project on a regular basis.
Otherwise, you need to spend more time for cleaning accumulated debris and most importantly, tough stains. One word of caution is to avoid harsh cleaning agents, which clean less and do more harm to the porcelain material.