How to Clean Slate Floors

Medha Godbole May 12, 2019
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Slate is a metamorphic rock, obtained from an shale-type sedimentary rock. It is composed of clay or volcanic ash. It is fine grained, foliated, and homogeneous. Let's see how to clean slate floors.
Slate is a very common type of rock that is often used in flooring and roofing. Composed of quartz muscovite, it is fine grained and homogeneous. It is found in various shades ranging from gray to green.
It is fireproof and a good electrical insulator, which makes it an obvious choice in construction and other areas. It is extensively used with regards to interior and exterior flooring, stairways, wall cladding, walkways, and so on. It is also used in the form of roofing shingles.
The color of the slate is a result of the pigment it contains, which sometimes, determines the method of cleaning. For example, there is an abundance of chlorine in a green slate.

Cleaning Slate Floors

Materials Needed

The supplies you would need are dust mop, dustpan, soft broom, bucket, warm water, detergent, wet mop, vacuum cleaner, and a nylon hand brush.


To begin with:
  • Mop your floor with a non-oil based dust mop before mopping them damp.
  • Do not move the mop back and forth, rather move the dust mop in a single direction.
  • Using a soft-bristled broom and dust pan, dispose the collected debris and dust.
  • Next, mix a small quantity of detergent in a bucket full of warm water. Dip the mop in it and then before you use it, squeeze the water out of the mop. Then, run the mop slowly over an area at a time.
  • Mop the entire floor in this manner. Make sure that no one from steps on the area till it dries.
  • Finally, check for dull streaks and films and mop again, if needed.


Ensure that you have a good quality non-oil based dust mop. Anticipating the traffic, it might be essential to dry-mop the floor daily. Placing the doormats tactfully outside the area will be a good idea to ensure that people clean their feet thoroughly before stepping in. Avoid rubber mats as rubber sticks to this surface and damages it.
If you want to vacuum, make sure that you use a soft brush attachment and do not bang or jerk the vacuum cleaner, as it can cause scratches and chipping.
Cleaning is not a tough task, but maintaining the floor is what needs more meticulousness and constant care. At the end of the day, cleanliness is what matters!