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How to Clean Soot from Fireplace Bricks

How to Clean Soot from Fireplace Bricks
The accumulation of soot on fireplace bricks may hamper its aesthetic value. If you don't wish the visitors to point out the black spots, hampering the beauty of this cozy corner, this HomeQuicks article will give you some helpful ways to clean this place efficaciously.
Shalu Bhatti
As quoted by Marcus Tullius Cicero, "There is no place more delightful than one's own fireplace." The amount of relaxation and peace that you get sitting next to a fireplace, with a cup of coffee in your hands in this freezing winter season, is by far the most extraordinary feeling! Almost all of us have worked hard to get a perfect fireplace. We pick the best company, the best workers, the best designs with those beautiful bricks and fancy stones, but when it comes to cleaning the soot from it, it is nothing less than a nightmare! While the process is a tad bit tedious, don't you think it's absolutely worth it when the end result would bring forth a spick-and-span hearth?
Ways to Make Your Fireplace Bricks Soot-free
Method 1: Take a full cup of laundry detergent with 4 cups of hot water in a small tub or bucket. Then, take about ½ pound of powdered pumice, and add it to the mixture. Now, you need to add ½ cup of ammonia into it. Take the mixture and apply it on the dirty bricks. Use a hard bristle brush to scrub. Rinse and repeat the scrubbing till the area is clean.
Method 2: Take 1 ounce of tablet salt and mix it with an ounce of soap. Add a little water and make a paste. Once you get a creamy consistency, apply this on the bricks and rub with a cloth. Once the mixture is dried up, remove the soot with the help of a stiff brush.
Method 3: For fancy surfaces that can be damaged by using a stiff brush, you can use a mild, chemical-free soap. Quick N Brite is known to be effective for such purposes. Just apply the soap on the surface, using a sponge, and rub the soot in a circular motion. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it with water. Wipe the area using a towel, preferably a terry cloth one.
Method 4: Grate a naptha soap bar into 3 quarts of water. You need to boil this mixture until the soap melts completely, and then allow the mixture to cool down. After that, add about a cup of ammonia to it along with a pound of pumice (powdered). Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply it on the dirty area. Leave it for an hour. Use a stiff brush to remove the dirt and rinse it with warm water.
You might have noticed that all these techniques require forceful rubbing and scrubbing, and of course, the mandatory tool―a stiff brush. But trust me, all these efforts are worth taking, considering the end result. Also, it is advisable to not use chemical-based solutions or wire brushes to clean the fireplace, as they may leave a permanent stain. Do not use acidic solutions, as they may turn out to be inflammable. Save this task for the weekend and do it patiently. Remember, hard work and patience always pay off, and when it's for a cozy corner, it's definitely worth it. PS: Don't forget to wear safety gloves.
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